Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Gee Tee - I'm A Germ


  Gee Tee are a lo-fi garage punk n roll band from Australia's Gold Coast. They're a band I first heard a couple of years ago when I came across their Death Race ep. Last month they released a split ep on Goodbye Boozy Records with Sydney band Satanic Togas. You can find the 2 Gee Tee tracks here : and the Satanic Togas tracks here :

  The Gee Tee side kicks off with H.S.S.  69 seconds of raw and trashy punk with the singer telling how he failed science and math and how there wasn't even a teacher in class. No wonder High School Sucked. The song you'll find below is slightly longer but still doesn't get to the 90 second mark. Our favourite uneducated vocalist admits he doesn't like baths or combs and he doesn't want soap in his home. He also doesn't like sprays or wipes, please don't kill him cause he's alright. This is I'm A Germ...

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