Saturday, 11 May 2019

USA Nails - Smile


  When I previously featured London based USA Nails I called them noisy, discordant, inventive and said that they take no prisoners ( The song I posted back then was called Stuck For Inspiration but on the evidence of their new album it's obvious the band hasn't been stuck for inspiration in the past couple of years. The new album, their 4th, is titled "Life Cinema" and it's all the things I mentioned previously and more.

  The album weaves together elements of no-wave, post punk and noise rock and earns them comparisons with the likes of Wire, The Fall, Devo, Pissed Jeans and early Sonic Youth. It deals with stuff like pointless jobs, wannabe artists, social anxiety and offices that have fridges with beer in them and it's out now on Hex Records. There's a cool looking yellow vinyl version that's already sold out on Bandcamp but there's still a few copies left here :

  Black vinyl is available here : (UK & Worldwide) / (France & Worldwild)

   If it's digital you're after go here :

  To promote the album the band will be touring the UK and Europe and you can find details here :

    If you like your punk music to offer up a little more than 3 chords verse, chorus, verse then you'll enjoy "Life Cinema." In many ways USA Nails remind me of bands like Australia's Vintage Crop.  Think pounding drums, jagged guitars and shouty vocals. Damn it's good.

  I'll play a different song on tomorrow's Just Some Punk Songs show (you're all invited! ) but today you're getting one of the official videos. This is Smile...

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