Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Rebel Spell - Last Run

  Today's song is by East Vancouver's The Rebel Spell, a band who formed in 2002 and who play socially conscious punk rock with a d.i.y. attitude. They originally featured Toddserious (Todd Jenkins) on vocals, Wretchederin on guitar, Chris Rebel on bass and Stepha on drums though by the time of their latest release Elliot was on bass and Travis on drums.

  They've released four albums; Expression In Layman's Terms (2003), Days Of Rage (2005), Beautiful Future (2011) and Last Run (2014). There's was also 2007's Four Songs About Freedom ep. You can check them all out here :  http://therebelspell.bandcamp.com/album/last-run. If you like your punk music heartfelt, honest and with a coherent message, you're probably already familiar with them. If they've passed you by then now's the time to put that right.

  Tragically, Todd Jenkins passed away earlier this year. On Saturday, March 7th, he was in a fatal accident whilst rock climbing in Black Velvet Canyon.

  Today's song is one of the best I've posted thus far, it's the title track from their Last Run album......

Run run run run my gorgeous cousins to a beautiful place where the helis don’t fly 
Out of the reach of man and industry away from this scourge, the destroyer of all 
This doesn’t come from logic or ignorance you’ve been set up and sentenced to
You’ve been blamed but you won’t be tried just poisoned or shot for someone

else’s crimes 

Don’t blame the wolf, don’t blame the seal if it will help you can blame me
Blame the tar sands and the fishing fleets, or forestry, blame industry

200,000 cattle trample the land, roads end wilderness for everything it has
The tailing ponds kill the river that runs through and wolves get the blame for
missing Caribou 
Giant drag nets scrape the ocean dead and somehow seals are the new threat 
Double the humans in less than 50 years and it’s someone else’s fault when the
herds disappear

Don’t blame the wolf, don’t blame the seal, if it will help you can blame me,
Blame the tar sands and the fishing fleets, or forestry blame industry 
Don’t blame the wolf, don’t blame the seal, if it will help you can blame me
How about the growing cities and the sprawling streets, blame agriculture, blame
Blame me Blame me

Every witch hunt the same purpose, be it women, wolves, snakes or albatross
How long will these games go on they do nothing to help and only deepen the loss 

Blame the war on nature, blame the fear of green, blame the lazy cowards in huge

Blame us all together as we poison the sea, blame the way we consume and
breed and breed 
or pesticides and the GMO wheat, the water you waste for the taste of meat 
Blame acid rain, yes it’s still a thing, clear-cuts you can see from space 
reactor leaks, open pits, massive dams and their floods of death 
Blame our anthropocentric mind disease, science dragged out back and forced to
its knees 
Blame your own inaction while the world bleeds, blame that on the distractions of
your silly scene 
I know you need a sacrifice to your god of greed if it will help you can take me
blame me blame me blame me

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