Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Adicts - Johnny Was A Soldier

   Yesterday's song concerned itself with the white crosses that mark the graves of fallen soldiers, today's concerns the plight of those who survive the conflict but suffer physical and mental scars.

  The Adicts are from Ipswich and lay claim to be "the longest running punk band in history with all original members." They formed in late '75 (originally called Afterbirth & The Pinz) and played their first gig in a scout hut in Aldburgh, Suffolk.

  Their first release was 1979's Lunch With The Adicts ep whilst debut album, Songs Of Praise didn't surface until 1981. One of it's tracks and possibly their best known song, Viva La Revolution, was released as a single a year later. Since then their body of work has swollen considerably. They're one of the most visually striking bands around with their Clockwork Orange inspired droog imagery.

  The song I've posted below is taken from their 1982 album, Sound Of Music, and is possibly my favourite of theirs (although by tomorrow that accolade could be accorded to another song). This is Johnny Was A Soldier......

Johnny joined the army
The cause he didn't know

He served three years

In the Middle East

You know it dosen't show

push push push push push push push push

Johnny was a soldier

He can't dance anymore

He can't dance anymore

When he came out

He tried to form a band

But he's only got one leg

And he can hardly stand

push push push push push push push push

Now he drinks alone

He gets sentimental

He watches girls dance

And he's thrown away his medals


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