Monday, 8 June 2015

Slow Faction - Little England

  A song from a relatively new band from London today. Slow Faction are influenced by the first generation of UK punk rock bands, their sound has been described as a cross between The Clash and The Buzzcocks, the band themselves proclaim that their aim is to make the kind of music that they themselves want to hear.... Politically charged songs with big hooks and choruses.

  As for those songs, 2014 saw them release The Shopping Malls ep and their debut album, The Brixton Tapes. You can get both (plus a couple of recent demo songs) "name your price" here :

  If you like great song writing and catchy tunes you could do a hell of a lot worse than checking them out. This is Little England....

Little England 
Going nowhere but looking back 
Drape yourself in your Union Jack 
From the terrace to the House of Lords 
Shut off from the outside world 

All the time you’re destroying what you love 
This is real life, not some national park 
Close your eyes to the 21st century 
Heritage – our only industry 

Is this what you want? A little England? 
Is this what you want? Faded empire glory? 
Is this what you want? A past without a future? 
Things can never stay the same 

So you hate what you don’t understand 
You say you stand for the common man 
So you know your history? 
You only see what you want to see 
So you talk about sovereignty 
The pride of England and the head of the Queen 
The purity of your national tribe 
You only aim – to repel the tide 
......Is this really what you want?.......

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