Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thee Tsunamis - Trash Talk

  Thee Tsunamis describe themselves better than I could so I'll just throw in a couple of quotes :

   "Thee Tsunamis blend girl-group bubblegum with feral punk, hugging every

 hairpin turn of Kim Fowley's trashbucket heart with their fuzz-crusted pop hooks"

   " jagged harmonies over fuzz-crusted pop hooks, marries the New York Dolls’

 gutter-glam attitude with the sound of Brill Building teen-sploitation, to a much

 bloodier effect." 

  The all girl trio, Betsy Bebop (vocals/guitar), Juana La Loca (bass) and Bongo

Birdsong (drums) are from Bloomington, Indiana and have been together since

2012. Influenced by artists as diverse as Jerry Lee Lewis, The Shangri-Las and

The Oblivions, they're definitely worth checking out.

  The song that I'm posting today is called Trash Talk and is taken from their latest

 album, Saturday Night Sweetheart. Recently out on Magnetic South Recordings,

 you can find it here


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