Sunday, 15 September 2019

the Middle Ages - Talkin' In Their Sleep

   the Middle Ages are a 3 piece from Seattle featuring Dan Wood (guitar/vocals), Cris Wood (bass/vocals) and Donnie Hilstad (drums). Before moving to Seattle, frontman Dan previously featured in Bay area bands such as The Pets, RAZZ, Tropical Sleep etc. Donnie Hilstad had a brief spell with garage punks The Statics back in the mid 90's and more recently was a member of The Duchess And The Duke. 

  They recently released a Self Titled album and you can download 4 of the tracks from it for free on Bandcamp :

  Their sound mixes elements of rock n roll, punk and garage rock. This is my favourite of the songs on offer, it's called Talkin' In Their Sleep...

Friday, 13 September 2019

SICK POSE - Watch Life Piss Down the Drain (Review by Adam Mishkin)

  A new band to me today with a review courtesy of Adam "Baldy" Mishkin....

  A short sharp slap to the face of a punk tune! Sounding like a retrospective bit of musical nostalgia, but this is a new song, a recent offering from a local legend in my home town Perth WA - Australia. You can hear and feel the dirt, the gutter, the mean streets, the years of struggle and sweat, the raw emotion in the music and the vocals. A new band put together from the cream of the crops in my local scene.

   'Stem' is the bassist is this band, Sick Pose, and an old rock n roller and was part of a legendary rock n roll/punk rock outfit here called THE LUNGS. Good shit live, had a partially toothless crazy front man, with a mullet, and they were fucking great lol. A fella called 'Undies' who plays guitar in this band, a seasoned local scene goer/musician and a shredder of a guitarist. Check his solo's in a couple of their other recently released tunes if you can. And then there's Don, or Donny Rat. The local legend on the vocals in this. Also a founding member of the crazy good rock n roll/punk rock band that was also from Perth. The Rats. If you love old school rock n roll, dirty street rock n roll, 70's punk rock with a harder edged Aussie flavour, then you will love The Rats. He was also in Sub Rosa, The Homicides and Raw Nerve, amongst others. A main stay of the Perth punk scene. He had taken a break from music for a while. now he's back in this band - Sick Pose. Happy to be doing our first gig (Skin Damage) supporting Sick Pose, pretty much the only real street punk band in Perth WA atm. There's couple others, but def not in the same vein. Can't recommend this band more, if you are into a proper bit of good ol down n dirty Aussie flavoured in your face old skool 'fuck you' style punk rock.

Facebook page :

  This is Watch Life Piss Down The Drain... 

Spermbirds - From This Direction Comes War


  Spermbirds shouldn't need much in the way of an introduction, they formed back in 1982 in Kaiserslautern and currently have members in Cologne, Berlin and Saarbrücken. One of Germany's biggest punk bands, they toured plenty, put out some classic and much loved releases (including their 1986 debut album, Nothing To Prove) and then in 1990 they split up. This was only a temporary state of affairs though as 3 years later they reformed and they've been touring and releasing great music ever since.

  The line up of the band hasn't changed too much over the last 3 and a half decades and currently features ex US GI Lee Hollis (vocals), Markus Weilemann (bass), Steve Wiles (guitar), Roger Ingenthron (guitar) and Beppo Götte (drums). Today sees the release of their 9th studio album, it's titled Go To Hell Turn Left and it's a co release between German Label Rookie Records and the UK's Boss Tuneage.

Coloured vinyl lp/cd :
Exclusive red vinyl lp/cd :

  The album's currently streaming on Spotify.

  So initial impressions on the album, despite a 9 year gap since previous album A Columbus Feeling, this ain't the sound of a tired old band going through the motions. It's a band with plenty of gas left in the tank and plenty still to say. They still rock as hard as ever and when I played the blistering title track on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show ( the guys in the chatroom went wild.

  This is the latest single from the album, From This Direction Comes War...

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Obsessió - Basura (Guest Review By Darren Bourne)

  Boss of Tadpole Records (a label which is now seemingly no more though the Youtube channel still gets regularly updated Darren Bourne has kindly taken the time out to share his thoughts on one of his favourite releases of the year. I've chosen the song at the bottom of the update...

Obsessió – Obsessió 12” MLP

  Sometimes I hear that Punk's Dead, I find this a crazy statement in 2019 as there seem to be a ton of great bands around right now, and some as pissed off sounding (or more so) than the classics out there. Obsessió are one such band with members from Athens & Barcelona and they've just released a MLP on La Vida Es Un Mus from London. This 8 track MLP of raging raw Hardcore hasn’t got a track longer than 2 minutes long & that’s fine by me, for fans of TOTALITÄR, CRUDITY, OTAN and other Nordic Beat greats. 

  Sleeve artwork is by Teodoro Hernández (Otan, System Defector, etc) who effortlessly captures the bleakness and rage contained in this PUNK 45 RPM 12”.

  I think along with the Irreal “Fi Del Mon” LP (also on LVEUM) this will end up on a lot of “Best Of” lists at the end of the year, the more raw Hardcore being released the better in my opinion, now I just need to see these bands live as that’s where the magic’s at.

  You can stream the full LP here :

  Buy the vinyl here : 

  This song is titled Basura... 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Wonk Unit - Cyclists


  Wonk Unit are back with a new song that perfectly encapsulates their off beat take on punk rock. I saw someone (you know who you are!) recently saying they weren't a fan of the band and comparing them to Splodgenessabounds (ie a comedy band that aren't really worth spending much time on). Firstly, Splodge put out a few classics and secondly, not everyone in the punk genre has to be serious. Sometimes it's good to have a different view of the world. I doubt any of Wonk Unit's many fans will mind in the least that they've released a plentiful catalogue of catchy and fun music. They're a great band but I suppose, horses for courses and all that...

  Anyway, the new song. It's about selfish people on bikes who ride two abreast and hold up the traffic. It's based on a true story of how Alex Brindle Johnson and his merry band of wonkers were in the van on the way to a festival when they got stuck down a country lane in a procession of traffic that had built up behind two pedalling pricks. Instead of frustration and road rage (or quite possibly born of frustration and road rage), they wrote a song about it. As my friend might complain, "it's not punk..." and maybe strictly speaking, that's the case. But what's punk in 2019 if not a wide umbrella under which people who are punk at heart are free to do what the hell they like?

  Wonk Unit. Punk as fuck mate. And fun as well. Honk if you wonk! And if you're a cyclist ride in single file!!!

  This is called Cyclists...

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Anxieties - Sideshow Freak


  The Anxieties are a garage punk 4 piece who formed in Eugene but are now based in Portland, Oregon, whose current line up features Scott Von Rocket (vocals/guitar), Travis Thoughtcrime (bass/vocals), Erik Electron (lead guitar/vocals) and Tommy Tension (drums). They list amongst their influences the likes of Adolescents, Agent Orange, Hex Dispensers, Marked Men and Sharp Objects (and if anyone knows what the hell happened to Sharp Objects and their promised 2nd album please let me know!). Their sound has been described as sounding  "like an apocalyptic mash-up of early '80s Southern Californian melodic hardcore, '90s Rip Off Records trash and a Red Bull fuelled all-night sci-fi and horror movie marathon..." Looking back in the JSPS archives I'm surprised to find they don't seem to have appeared on here before though I have featured a song by their side project, The Jabronis...

  You can find more info on them here :

  They've just released a second single from their upcoming album, Mission Failure. The first single was Blank Stares ( The album seems to have had a long gestation period but hopefully we won't have to wait much longer before it drops. You can grab the latest song, name your price, here :

  Think Tod Browning, think Ramones' Pinhead, think catchy, fun and fast and you won't be far off getting the vibe I think they were aiming for in this song. It's about a seemingly doomed relationship and it's called Sideshow Freak...

You look at me like a sideshow freak, yeah
And you treat me like a circus geek, yeah
Go ahead and point and laugh now
Someday you're gonna face my wrath now

You look at me like I'm a pinhead
And you treat me just like you want me dead
You look at me like I'm insane
Well, I look at you and I feel the same

Like a sideshow, like a sideshow freak...

You look at me like the bearded lady
Do it all the time and it drives me crazy
Think you got the answers like a fortune teller
Want to keep me locked in the cellar

Think I'm fake like a Fiji mermaid
Try to tear me down like it's some kind of crusade
Think you run the show like a ring master
This is gonna end up in disaster

Monday, 9 September 2019

Shooting Daggers - HOSTILE


  Shooting Daggers are a new hardcore punk 3 piece from London who've recently released the impressive Demo 2019 ep. The line up of the band is Godinha (drums), Beatrice (bass) and Salomé (vocals/guitar). As well as the demo, they feature on the 25 track compilation from Hell Hath No Fury Records which is titled #SolidarityNotSilence Compilation (Pt 1). All proceeds from the comp go towards the women facing defamation case for speaking up 

  You can get the comp here :

  As for Shooting Daggers, you can get more info here :

  The Demo features 3 pounding tracks of rumbling aggression. It's a very promising calling card and you can snap it up as a name your price download :

  This is the opening track, it's called HOSTILE...

Sunday, 8 September 2019

The Enlows - Last Days On Earth


  The Enlows are a 3 piece powerpop/punk band from Sacramento who've been together since 1999 and who count amongst their influences the likes of Ramones, The Mopes, Riverdales, MR T Experience, The Queers etc etc etc. With a line up of Ry Arwai (vocals/guitar), Ryan Reliable (bass/vocals) and Jeff Melendez (drums) they've recently released an album titled Take Aim. They've released a number of singles over the course of the last 20 years but this is their first proper album and it's really rather good. 10 tracks of "quick, punchy power pop rock", it's available on cd from the ever reliable Outloud! Records and it's also on Bandcamp :

  You can get more info on them here : 

  So the album... it's fun. It doesn't aim to break new ground, it's the sound of a band who can write catchy tunes doing just that. There's the occasional sci fi type noises and keyboards but otherwise it's mostly your typical Ramones influenced bass, guitar, drum back beat, with super melodic vocals (plus a rather cool harmonica on Raider Of Hearts). Maybe not an album for those who like to pummel their ears into submission but for the rest of us, a joy.

  They've released a video for one of the songs ( but I've chosen a different track to highlight today. This is gorgeous, it's called Last Days On Earth...

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Sore Points - On The Wire

   It was a very busy day yesterday for Slovenly Recordings as they put out several new releases. One of the best, the new album by Control Freaks, saw the title track feature on here a few weeks ago and has just received a great review from Josh on his Faster And Louder blog ( so today I'm posting a song from an excellent band from Vancouver called Sore Points.

  I was impressed with their debut, Self Titled, album which came out last year on Deranged Records ( and I'm not in the least bit surprised that the new ep is equally as good. It's titled Not Alright, boasts 4 furious blasts of primitive punk rock in it's 6 minute run time and left me with a difficult task of selecting a favourite to post on this update. You'll enjoy the song I've chosen but to be honest, just go to Bandcamp and listen to the full ep. Vinyl collectors can order the physical release whilst they're there :  A word of warning though, don't expect to just spend 6 minutes of your time listening as once track 4 fades out you'll be wanting to click play on track 1 again.

  Get more info on the band here :

  Sit back, play loud and enjoy, this is On The Wire...

Friday, 6 September 2019

The USA (Undying Swan Act) - Face I Fake


  Hailing from Boston, Lincolnshire, art rock outfit The USA (or Undying Swan Act to give them their full name) have just released a new 7 track mini album. It's titled Waste Away and you can find it name your price on Bandcamp

  They formed in 2014 and since I featured them last year ( they've changed drummers with Nadine Marques having joined vocalist/bassist Jon Parkinson and guitarist Warwick Eede. Another recent addition to beef up their sound is lead guitarist, Rob Voicicovski.

  Their sound mixes up elements from various genres and is possibly best described as punk influenced alt rock, some of those influences include the likes of Mogwai, The Fall, Captain Beefheart, The Slits, Syd Barrett and Mercury Rev though they have their own unique sound. They make music for the love of it and are very much diy, they love playing live. If you want to learn more or check out gigs, go here :

  This is the opening track on the new record, it's basically about being categorised as cattle by lawmakers and it's a song that'll creep it's way into your consciouness. Am I right in saying I detect a slight Bauhaus vibe? It's called Face I Fake...

Thursday, 5 September 2019

BB Bomb - One


  Today I bring you a song from BB彈, who's name in English translates as BB Bomb. They're from Taipei, Taiwan and are an energetic female fronted punk rock 3 piece featuring  许珮 (guitar/lead vocals), 阿霈 (bass/backup vocals) and 喵 (drums). They formed in 2003 and rather poetically claim to fire with the speed of a machine gun, their bullets are youth which they fire away with reckless abandon, but never miss their mark.

  Last month they released their first full length album, it's self titled and available on cd from 22 Records and digital download. 14 tracks of catchy, hyperactive punk rock with song titles such as Chaotic, Punk Rock Girl, Lonesome Lush etc, it's a great example that the genre is alive and well in all corners of the world and a reminder to people like myself that we shouldn't limit our search for new music to the usual territories.

  You can get more info on them here :

  You can (and should) check out the album here :

  This is the opening track on the album, short, sweet and very good indeed, it's titled One...

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Disco Junk - Mutual Hate


  Today I bring you another band from that fertile oasis of all things punk rock, Australia. Disco Junk are from Melbourne and they describe themselves simply as musicians who create music that's good. Going off the evidence presented by their new ep, I can't argue with them. From what I can gather "they" began life a year or so ago under the name Republican Blue and were a one man project masterminded by teenage guitarist/bassist/vocalist Billy Twyford. Nowadays Lachie Smith is on drums and as photos of them show a third member I'm guessing they're quite probably a trio (sorry third guy for not knowing your name!). Anyway, as the title of their (name your price on Bandcamp) album suggests, they're young, loud and snotty. They're also very deserving of your attention so check them out

  The new ep is titled Underage Punk, it's their first proper studio recording, recorded by Billy Gardner (Ausmuteants, Living Eyes, Anti Fade Records and mastered by the ubiquitous Mikey Young) and features their 4 best songs. The 7" is available from Hozac Records whilst you can find it (and previous releases) digitally here :

  This is the opening track, it's a short blast of cool as fuck scratchy punk goodness about reciprocated enmity, it's called Mutual Hate...

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

TV Crime - Never Been In Love


  I bloody knew it. Right from the killer intro to the first ever song I heard from them back in March 2016 I just knew TV Crime were awesome. I knew Hooligans was just the start of a love affair I was going to have with the band. I didn't know much about them other than they were a 3 piece from Nottingham and I honestly don't know too much more about them now other than they gained an extra member along the way and that I was right, they are awesome. From that first song (, through subsequent singles and now onto a stunning debut album, I was bloody well right! Then again anyone with fully functioning ears and a modicum of taste could have told you the same thing.

  So the new album. It's titled Metal Town, it's available on vinyl in Europe from German label Alien Snatch Records ( and in the UK from TV CRIME Big Cartel ( It's also on Bandcamp :

  To promote the album they're touring round Europe for the next couple of months and dates are on the photo at the top of this update. For more info go here :

  Highlights from the album? To be honest, there's 13 of them. It's riff-tastic garage rock with it's roots in the 70's but which takes those influences and leaves us with a fresh sounding, catchy as hell record that sounds timeless. Album of the year contender? Hell yeah! This song is called Never Been In Love....

Monday, 2 September 2019

Vista Blue - I Dont Wanna Trick or Treat With You


  If I was to hazard a guess I'd say Nashville's Vista Blue have featured on here more often than any other band. The reason for this is because they're very prolific and because I'm a big fan of their catchy blend of power pop and pop punk. Usually they put out themed releases featuring songs about the stuff they love, mainly sport or horror. This time around they're preparing to present their first full length dedicated to the spooky Halloween season. Titled Trick And Treats, you can expect 11 "hook-filled sing-alongs about haunted houses, trick or treating, zombies, ghosts and scary movies." As vocalist Mike Patton admits, there's numerous punk rock fans who don't always appreciate the band's power pop sound but hopefully they'll find this album more to their taste as it shows off more of their pop punk side. Without sacrificing any of their trademark catchiness, this time around they rock a little harder. Although not out until October, there's a couple of songs streaming already on Bandcamp : 

  As well as the digital release, there's also going to be a cd version via Outloud! Records and a limited run of 50 orange cassettes that will no doubt be snapped up quickly so if you want one get it pre-ordered now from Ratgirl Records :

  This is the opening track on the album, a bouncy sub 90 second joy that reminds me a bit of Shit Out Of Luck period Lillingtons. I'm looking forward to hearing the full album. This is I Don't Wanna Trick or Treat With You...

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Hood Rats - Cheap Rent


  If you were here for yesterday's update I mentioned that Friday saw the release of 2 highly anticipated pop punk albums but pop punk fans weren't the only people being spoilt this week with great new music, lovers of trashy, energetic garage rock were also treated to something a little bit special. Montreal three piece Hood Rats also unleashed their latest hard hitting lp and as expected, it's a blast. Titled 40oz Of Fury, it's 11 short, sharp blasts of primitive punk that rages out of the starting gate with a 72 second adrenaline blast called Exterminator and races to the finishing line without pausing for breath. You may remember track 2, Do Not Resuscitate, from a previous update (, other amphetamine fuelled titles include Dead In The Street, Annihilation and Don't Kill My Buzz and it's fair to say that this album ain't going to kill anyone's buzz, quite the opposite, it'll leave listeners sweating and craving more. You can check it out here :

  This track paints a picture of living in the wrong part of town but describes it as a pretty cool place. It's called Cheap Rent...

Spray painted, dilapidated, I call my home.
Hanging out in the streets, everybody gets stoned
Thrift stores, neon lights, that’s what I like
Convenience store, sells liquor and stays open late

Cheap rent wrong part of town 

Car alarm, police siren, that’s what I like
Dive bars in the city cut loose on ladies night
Walking in black leather boots over broken glass
Refund empty bottles, we’re the working class

Five roommates, three dogs,
No tv, don’t got no job
Get stoned, make noise,
Die with a smile, live free die wild

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Real Sickies - It Came From Above


  Yesterday was a great day if you're a fan of super catchy pop punk music as there were 2 highly anticipated albums that both dropped. One of them, Gigantic Sike, was covered by Josh on his excellent Faster And Louder blog  ( so today I'll post a song from the other one. 

  No strangers to Just Some Punk Songs ( /, Real Sickies are from Edmonton, Alberta and play old school pop punk in the vein of Teenage Head, Teenage Bottlerocket and The Ramones. Their new album is titled Out Of Space and it features "13 rocket-propelled, turbo boosted, NASA disavowed tracks of incurable, infectious bliss." It's a half hour blast of feel good music that'll surely find the approval of anyone who likes their punk rock to contain catchy choruses and melodies galore. It's available on various different coloured ltd edition vinyl (pink pathogen, bluebonic plague, black death) and on digital download. It's on Stomp Records and you can snap it up here :

  They've a few gigs lined up, including an album release show, and you can check details here :

  There's plenty of contenders for favourite song but after a couple of listens to the album, this possibly made the biggest impression. It Came From Above...

I came along way since yesterday 
Pretty hard to change my ways 
When it came from above 
I realize why your heart went astray 
And why it might feel better that way 
When they come for your love 
When they come from above 

All I want is for a chance to say that I 
Don’t wanna say goodbye 
So please don’t leave me behind 

I can’t change time or the path behind 
But in our ways we’ve both been blind 
When they came from above 
I’ll do whatever it takes 
Spurts of love or masked graves 
When it comes to your love 
When it comes from above 

Went the wrong way, said the wrong thing 
Then I did it all over again 
But I came along way, a very long way just to hear you say that 

Those satellites of love the ones up high above 
Can’t change our love

Friday, 30 August 2019

Tyvek – I’ve Not Thought Once

(photo by Jen Dessinger)
  Back in July 2015 when I posted a song by Tyvek I said that they produced snappy gems of energetic punk rock ( Fast forward to 2019 and nothing much has changed, they're still here and they're still releasing those snappy gems.

  Hailing from Detroit they line up with founder member Kevin Boyer (guitar/vocals), Alex Glendening (bass), Shelley Salant (guitar) and Fred Thomas (drums). It's been a while since we had new material from them but they recently resurfaced with a new self released ep titled Changing Patterns Of Protective Coating. It's available on limited edition 7" vinyl (500 copies) and you can also find it on Bandcamp

  For more info on the band click here :

  Below you'll find the lead track, it's a catchy alt rock/post punk critique of a generation who drift through life in blissful ignorance happy to be spoon fed everything as long as they have a mobile phone and the latest shiny new gadgets. Attention spans are short in their world and original ideas are thin on the ground. It's called I've Not Thought Once...

Thursday, 29 August 2019

The Unknowns - Dressed To Kill


  The Unknowns are a 3 piece rock n roll band with a punk rock attitude who hail from Australia's Sunshine Coast and who's line up features Josh Hardy (vocals/guitar), Caleb Hardy (drums) and Nathan Montgomery (bass). Their sound is timeless, very catchy rock n roll and they've been releasing music since 2016. Their influences include the likes of Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Lou Reed, Link Wray, Dick Dale, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry etc...). 

  They recently put out their first vinyl release in the form of a 7" single and it's available from Bargain Bin Records (quick note, keep an eye on Bargain Bin Records as they're responsible for releasing some great music already this year including by a couple of bands that have recently featured on here, C.O.F.F.I.N. and The Chats). You can stream the single here :

  You can find more info (including details of their current tour) here : 

  Below you'll find the video for one of the songs on the new single, it brings up memories of classic punk n roll bands of yesteryear (the label throws around names such as Buzzcocks, New York Dolls and Radio Birdman, personally I'd say if you're a lover of well written songs like The Only Ones' Another Girl Another Planet and The Dictators' Stay With Me you'll be impressed). This is Dressed To Kill...

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Danger!man - Onions


  Oslo punks Danger!man are back today with a track from their upcoming new album, Weapons Of Mass-Distraction. Forming in 2009 and taking inspiration from 80's hardcore they last featured on here 3 years ago with a song from their excellent split release with fellow Norwegians Lucky Malice ( You can download the split and their other releases here for free :

  The new album is due out on 27th September, you can pre order it on limited edition coloured vinyl (with cd included) from Boss Tuneage (be quick, there's only 200 copies) and you can stream a couple of tracks here : 

  To help promote the album they've a number of gigs lined up:

  This is one of the teaser tracks they've shared, it certainly does the trick of stoking up anticipation for the full album. It's a pacy, gruff voiced and very good indeed. It's called Onions...

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Misery Guts - Weibermacht


  Unhappy degenerates. Puerile d-beat hardcore... So goes the description on Facebook. The band are called Misery Guts and they're the latest addition to the Richter Scale Records' roster. In keeping with the majority of Richter Scale's releases (, they're pretty damn ferocious.

  The band are from Oxford and feature Evie Sherry-Starmer, Oli Hewer, Joe Briggs and Joe Turner. Oli may be familier to some of you as a member of several other Oxford bands including Guilt Police and Basic Dicks whilst Joe Briggs is in Scrap Brain and Joe Turner is in Worry This is vocalist Evie's first band.

  They've just released their debut ep, it's titled Oxford 'Ardcore and it's available as a name your price download here : A cassette will be out soon on Richter Scale. The band rattle through 5 songs in around 8 minutes, the music is brutal, the lyrics are sparse and spat out dripping with venom. This is the opening track, translating from German as Power Of Women, it's titled Weibermacht...


Monday, 26 August 2019

Ubik - John Wayne (Is A Cowboy (And Is On Twitter))


  So the most popular track on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show? That'd be the one you're getting today.

  Ubik started out as a side project of melbourne goth punk band MASSES ( and describe their sound as "catchy brat-beat with a little sprinkling of anarcho goodness." Featuring a line up of Ashleigh Wyatt (vocals), Nellie Pearson (bass/vocals), Tessa Tribe (guitar) and Max Kohane (drums), they featured on here early last year with a song from their excellent Self Titled ep ( and they again impressed later that year with the tracks they contributed to a split ep with another great Australian band, Cold Meat.

  They've got a new mini album coming on Iron Lung Records, it'll be available on vinyl (125 translucent lime green, 125 creamsicle orange, 350 black) from 27th Sept and you can pre order it here :

  The first track is available now as a name your price download As you might expect, it's a raging blast of energy and a definite appetite whetter for the lp. It's called John Wayne (Is A Cowboy (And Is On Twitter))...


Sunday, 25 August 2019

Snide - Idiot Nation


  Snide are a punk rock band from Maidstone in Kent who formed in 2007. Their line up features Lou Emmerick (vocals), Nick 'Nobby' Emmerick (bass/backing vocals), Rob Ore (guitar/backing vocals) and Tom Chuchla (drums). They last featured on here 3 years ago with a song from their Twat ep ( and that song is also featured on their new album Louder! Stronger! The album features 13 tracks and includes a combination of old favourites, newly performed and brand new unheard songs. The official release date is today and I'm sure their loyal fans, the Twat Army, will be lapping it up :

  Unfortunately this could well be the last we hear from the band as they recently split up.

  The album barrels along, it's pacy, punchy old school punk rock with songs about all day drinking, unemployment, a spoon fed general public that won't think for themselves and how the church is more concerned with making money than saving souls. Catchy choruses are the order of the day so go check it out.

  I played this song to an appreciative chat room on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show and the lyrics were singled out for special praise so listen closely as you're bouncing around your room, this is Idiot Nation...

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Accidente - ¿A cambio de qué?

   Not long ago on Facebook someone was asking people who their favourite Spanish band was and I didn't need to think twice before replying Accidente. As it's been a while since they've released new material, the appearance of a number of reissues and the release of a compilation album on Malaysian label Hardcore Detention was all the excuse I needed to feature them again on here. A crowdfunding appeal was recently set up to help them out and fund their flight back to Madrid after they were deported from Indonesia whilst touring south east Asia. Because of this they've had to cancel their Philippines gigs and couldn't get to Manila to catch their paid for flight home. Fortunately their fans ensured they received enough to get home and their passports have now been returned.

  The compilation album that's just been released is titled ACCIDENTE '2014-2016' (Southeast Tour Special Edition) and it gathers together the tracks that featured on the band's 2nd and 3rd albums plus their split with Duelo. It's a 23 track delight from a band at the top of their game. Available on cd and digital download, you can find it here :

  I could have chosen pretty much any of the songs to highlight, they're all great (one of them even ended up claiming the number 1 spot in my Top 50 songs of 2016 chart :, but today I'm going with the opening track from their Amistad y Rebelión album. This is ¿A cambio de qué? ....

Te veo y siento cosas que puedo comparar. 
Y es que no importa nada si eres o no legal. 
Que no somos distintas, que sufrimos igual, 
vendidas y humilladas a cambio de un jornal. 

Qué frio hace en la calle, quiero acercarme a ti, 
decirte que lo dejes pero me miro a mí. 
Qué infames ocho horas que engullen mi pasión. 
Robando de los míos cariño y comprensión. 

Quizá pague las cuentas, quizá sea ejemplar, 
pero al final del día, ya no puedo soñar. 
Caprichos que no llenan, necia necesidad, 
por este decorado ¡no quiero trabajar! 

Toda nuestra alegría, toda nuestra energía, 
¿a cambio de qué? 

I see you and feel things / that I can easily compare / Because it makes no change whether you're legal or not / 'Cause we are not different / and we suffer the same / we are sold and humiliated in exchange for a wage / It`s cold on the street / and I want to get close to you / and tell you to quit / but I look at myself… / What infamous eight hours that gobble my passion! / stealing affection and understanding from my people! / And yes...I can pay the bills / I may be exemplary / but at the end of the day / I cannot dream anymore / unsatisfying cravings, foolish needs / I don’t want to work to build this lie! / All our energy, all our joy… / in exchange for what?

Friday, 23 August 2019

Bamboo Vipers - Inch High Private Eye

  There's certain bands that when they release a new record, you're never quite sure what you're going to get. Bamboo Vipers are one of those. The new record in question is the Behind Closed Doors ep and even though it seems to have been a while coming, a video has now surfaced and the release date of the ep is imminent.

  From Hampshire and featuring a line up of Shaun Morris (vocals), Jon Webb (guitar), Ade Hood (drums), Count Click (bass) and Guy Wesley (harmonica), Bamboo Vipers' are an inventive rock n roll band who's sound incorporates elements of punk and alt rock and whatever else they can shoehorn in. Forming in 2013, they soon released debut album Dangling The Bait but it was only last year when I first came across them when I was blown away by their glam rocking stomper, Silver Boots. This was followed by the gothic tinged Haunted House ep ( and then after the tragic death of guitarist Al Woodcock they honoured his memory with the release of double A sided single America/Don't Go Poking Around.

  Their modus operandi is to remain in the public eye which means that they try to release a regular stream of eps. It shouldn't be too long after Behind Closed Doors is upon us before the next one surfaces (hopefully I'm not giving away any secrets by saying it's going to be titled The Dawn Of Civilisation and that the 4 tracks are winners).

  The video you'll see below was filmed by Ged Wesley and is for a song about the diminutive protagonist that was the titular star of a 70's Hanna-Barbara kids cartoon. Starting almost in lounge music style, the song is a definite earworm that infiltrates your brain. It's not long before Guy's trademark harmonica kicks in, Shaun is singing about sleeping in a pencil case, falling down inkwells and travelling by paper plane. As the song changes gear we get a killer riff, horns and a brilliant contribution on back up vocals by Southampton based vocal coach Toni Anastasi (playing the part of Inch's niece Lori). All in all a wonderful song with a bit of a 70's psychedelic groove that you can dance to. Yep, inventive is the right word for them. Snap up the ep when you can

  This is Inch High Private Eye...

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Lost Cherrees - As Long As You Love Me

(photo : Mark Richards)
  Updating this blog with great new music every single day isn't always an easy task but there are certain wells I can return to on a regular basis confident in the knowledge that my bucket will get filled. One of the most reliable of those places is Grow Your Own Records, a label that I can always rely on to satisfy my needs. With bucket full, today I share with you another of their releases.

  Lost Cherrees were formed way back in 1979 in Sutton, they're an anarcho punk band and were contemporaries of the likes of Conflict, Flux Of Pink Indians, Subhumans etc as well as being favourites of the much missed John Peel. They became disillusioned and split in 1986 with members pursuing other projects. Increasing interest in their music led to them reforming in 2003 and they've been active ever since. A few days ago they released their new album and as expected, it's great.

  The 2019 incarnation of Lost Cherrees features Marie Repulsive, Liss Fitzgerald, Steve Battershill, Trystan O'Connell and Matt Thair. You may have seen them recently play Rebellion, I heard they went down a storm. Unfortunately, despite the band celebrating 40 years since coming into existence, the issues they address in their songs (sexism, misogyny, bigotry, profiteering, warring nations etc ) are still very much in evidence in 2019. We need bands like Lost Cherrees to shout about them. You can get more info here :

  The album is titled Blank Pages, it's available on ltd edition vinyl and you can check it out here : 

  I'll play a different song on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show but today I'll highlight a song that borrows from a 1968 hit you'll probably remember by The American Breed but which is rewritten to highlight the horrors of domestic abuse. This is As Long As You Love Me...

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Snuff - Hey Boff

   It's been 33 years since Snuff formed as a 3 piece (Duncan Redmonds, Simon Wells, Andrew Crighton) in London. Despite breaking up in 1991 and subsequently undergoing numerous line up changes, they're still around and still putting out great music. A lot of the reason they're still here is down to NOFX frontman Fat Mike who persuaded the band to keep their original name and who signed them to his Fat Wreck Chords label for whom they released some of their most popular records. One of the UK'S best, and most enduring bands, they're about to unleash a new lp. Titled There's A Lot Of It About, it's due on Sept 20th, they're still on Fat Wreck and you can preorder it here :

  There's a track, Dippy Egg, streaming on Bandcamp

  A second song from the album has just turned up on Youtube, if it sounds a little familiar that's because a version of it appeared on their 2016 No Biting ep. It's an uptempo toe tapper, a singalong with handclaps, it's the sound of a band that can still knock it out of the park. This is Hey Boff...

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Cuir - Trop Vieux Pour Mourir Jeune

  Back in February, waves were created amongst certain sections of the punk community upon the release of a very impressive demo by Cuir. The solo project of Doug Zilla (Sordid Ship/Radical Failure/Coupe Gorge), based in Lorient (France) and boasting a mean synth this was just the kind of sit up and take notice music this blog loves. It was name your price on Bandcamp and so is the first single. It's titled Single Single, it features 3 more synth heavy cuts of primitive punk and it's every bit as impressive as the demo. From what I can make out, it's going to be available next month on cassette from Forty Tapes ( but it's already available for download :

  The name of the band translates into English as Leather. The song I'm posting today appears to translate as Too Old To Die Young. This is Trop Vieux Pour Mourir Jeune...

Trop vieux pour mourir jeune 
Trop vieux pour mourir jeune ouais 
Trop vieux pour mourir jeune 
Je suis trop vieux pour mourir jeune 

Pour mourir jeune ouais 

Les années passent et quoi que je fasse 
Le mec que je vois dans la glace 
Ne veut pas céder sa place. 
Et pourtant putain il a bien changé 
Impossible de le nier c'est validé sur l'papier 

Les rides sur mon visage au cutter 
J'vais m'les creuser 
Si les sillons du temps ne veulent pas s'afficher 
Elle est où 
La putain de marque d'mes excès ? 
Y'a un truc qui déconne, genre benjamin button 

Comme l'habit fait pas le moine, j'dois avoir l'air d'un curé, qui vient d'choper le Graal, jeunesse assurée 
Mais j'veux pas boire "nan" 
J'veux pas boire là-dedans, 
Pas besoin d'une cure de jouvence, 
1984 démence 

Pas besoin d'une cure de jouvence 
Pas besoin d'une cure de jouvence 
1984 démence 

Les rides sur mon visage au cutter 
J'vais m'les creuser 
Si les sillons du temps ne veulent pas s'afficher 
Elle est où 
La putain de marque d'mes excès ? 
Y'a un truc qui déconne, genre benjamin button 

Comme l'habit fait pas le moine, j'dois avoir l'air d'un curé, qui vient d'choper le Graal, jeunesse assurée 
Mais j'veux pas boire "nan" 
J'veux pas boire là-dedans 
Pas besoin d'une cure de jouvence 
1984 démence 

Trop vieux pour mourir jeune 
Je suis trop vieux pour mourir jeune 

Les rides sur mon visage au cutter 
J'vais m'les creuser 
Si les sillons du temps ne veulent pas s'afficher 
Elle est où 
La putain de marque d'mes excès ? 
Y'a un truc qui déconne, genre benjamin button 

Comme l'habit fait pas le moine, j'dois avoir l'air d'un curé, qui vient d'choper le Graal, jeunesse assurée 
Mais j'veux pas boire "nan" 
J'veux pas boire là-dedans, 
Pas besoin d'une cure d"e jouvence, 
1984 démence.

Monday, 19 August 2019

The Battlebeats - I'm Just A Piece Of Shit


  HA HA HA....Are you ready to rock n roll motherfuckers?......

  So starts the debut mini album from The Battlebeats. They're a stripped down one man garage punk project from Bandung, Indonesia. They're also a one man project, that man being Andresa Ridha Nugraha. Heavily influenced by 90's Japanese garage heroes Teengenerate, Andresa used a jaguar guitar through a 15-watt amp, floor-snare-tambourine, drums but no bass guitar to create a pretty powerful rocking sound. Even more impressive 4 of the 6 songs were only written in the 5 days before recording. One of the other songs is a cover of Teengenerate's Dressed In Black. The album's Self Titled, physical copies will be available soon but for now you can check it out here :

  Being a new project there's not really much more info I can share but you can keep an eye on future developments by giving him a like on Facebook

  The song that I'm highlighting today was written on the day before Andresa went into the studio (the riff the night before, the lyrics in the morning). Booking recording time before you actually have any songs is a pretty damn risky thing to do but on this occasion it's worked out very well indeed. This is called I'm Just A Piece Of Shit...

Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Darts (US) - Breakup Makeup


  The Darts, or The Darts (US) as they now seem to be called, are the garage-psych-rock 4 piece that last appeared on here last Christmas with this festive offering

  Since then the girls, Nicole Laurenne (organ/vocals), Christina Nunez (bass/vocals), Rikki Styxx (drums/vocals) and Meliza Jackson (guitars/vocals), have released their second proper lp. A follow up to 2017's highly rated Me.Ow. it's titled I Like You But Not Like That and it's available from Alternative Tentacles on dark red vinyl and cd as well as to download

  Reviews of the album throw around words such as sultry and seductive and comment of fuzzy guitars, bass heavy riffs and moody synth. The band describe themselves as being akin to Elvira and Wednesday Adams consuming the flesh of man, drinking shots of snake venom and starting a band for the bride of Frankenstein's bachelorette bash. Think 60's garage, think Nuggets compilations but with a modern production. You can get more info on them here :

  This is the opening track on the album and the new video. The tale of a volatile relationship, slammed doors followed by new beginnings all told over a swirling, hypnotic backbeat. It's called Breakup Makeup...

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Dollhouse - Summer Love


  A band I know very little about today other than that they're called Dollhouse, they're from New York and they recently released a killer demo. Supposedly their singer was in another New York band, Mommy ( whilst other members have been in the likes of Hank Wood, LOTION and Pharmkon.

  The Demo is Self Titled and boasts 6 tracks of darkly atmospheric hardcore. Rather than the usual punk staples of smashing the system or fighting inequality these songs deal with slightly more esoteric themes such as watching angels make love, self harming pervert boys and shadow babies. All 6 tracks capture your interest, all are great. Anticipation is high for more music by them. You can find it here :

  If you're anywhere near London on the 21st Sept, you can catch them live

  This is the opening track, possibly a true story since it's set in their home city, it's called Summer Love...

summer ’06 we were both sick 
it wasn’t cancer but it looked like we had it 
the thinning of our hair the shaking of our knees 
I thought we both looked beautiful weak in New York heat 
so we pulled on flowers like everything was okay 
I thought we had a death pact but then you ran away from me 
I didn’t understand 

ever fallen in love with a sicko before? 
they say it’s hard 
when their entire life is helping 
someone starve 
life's a competition 
life's hard 

so we pulled on flowers like everything was okay 
I thought we had a death pact but you ran away 
from me 
I didn’t get it 

you were not much smaller than me 
but I helped you tie your shoes like some annoying baby 
putting lucky rocks in our pockets before we went to therapy 
you disappeared maybe that’s on me 
summer ’06 we were both sick 
I thought we had a death pact but you didn’t do it

Friday, 16 August 2019

Private Function - Talking To Myself (Reviewed By Adam ("Baldy") Mishkin)


  On occasion I've been known to rave on about songs and bands that I like. There's also times when friends will alert me to a particular song that's floating their boat. Last week, Baldy (Sydney born and now living in Perth) enthused to me about a band from his native land called Private Function. I told him I'd played their latest single on a recent show and indeed they were really good. Then I asked him to review the single for me, which he's done. To make things even more topical, they've just released their debut album, it's called St. Anger and the single is on it so everything ties together nicely. The album's available on lp and cassette from Disdain Records and you can also find it on Bandcamp

  For more info check here :

  And now over to Baldy...

  Private Function are one of the new generation of Aussie garage - rock n roll/retro 70's punk rock inspired bands to come out of Melbourne, Australia. Kind of in the same league as their rockin' Melbourne counter parts - Amyl and the Sniffers. Melbourne is undoubtedly the sub cultural music hub and cultural hub of modern Australia, some might argue it always has been (it's humorously referred to as the 'Paris of the south' by some). Overtaking Sydney in most things I would say.

I Haven't been able to pin down their exact influences but I would say they are influenced by everything from Midnight Oil (check out a good cover of King Of The Mountain) to Cosmic Psycho's, Antiseen, The Bronx, Radio Birdman and the Celibate Rifles maybe?? I def hear some of those bands' influences, but don't quote me, could be intentional or unintentional.
Amongst their releases so far are debut cassette Six Smokin' Songs, Rock In Roll and debut album St Anger. They definitely have a bit of a sarcastic tongue in cheek, sick twisted sense of humour about them. Not at all uncommon for Melbourne boys and musos. If you look at their EP/LP covers, especially Six smoking songs , you will see what I am on about. For me their stand out songs, or well ones I like best so far are 'Duct tape' and 'Talking to myself'. Strong rock n roll belters, anthemic almost. If you love your Aussie style garage rock n roll. Meat and potato's hard rockin' punk, then I would say these fella's are definitely for you. As our dear old Molly Meldrum would say "Do yaself a favour and give em a listen cobber." -

This Is Talking To Myself...