Sunday, 27 May 2018

Hood Rats - Hostile Takeover


  One of my favourite releases of 2018 so far is Target Earth, the excellent recent album by New Zealand kings of garage rock n roll The Cavemen. It's packed with primitive stompers that are both "batshit crazy" and very tuneful ( The band that feature on today's update compare very favourably to them (which is as good a compliment as I can think of).

  Hood Rats are from Montreal and they're bringing out a new album titled Trash Party. It's going to be on one of the year's most exciting labels, Girlsville (I recently featured their reissue of Coachwhip's Night Train album and they also released a couple of excllent demos and rarities comps by The Pristeens).

  Described as a mixture of 80's hardcore and skate punk mixed with Motorhead's shredding and Rip Off Records' snottiness the album is truely wonderful. The band are a 3 piece featuring Tony Salador (drums/vocals), Troy Lockard (guitar) and JF Simoneau (bass) and boy do they kick up a racket. They're loud, fast and energetic. Their songs are short and catchy and the album will leave you panting, sweaty but baying for more. The cassette is due out on August 3rd (pre order now) but if that's too long to wait there's 10 tracks to check out on Bandcamp :

  You can also download their Digital Wasteland album (which 50THIRDAND3RD described as "balls to the wall, cut throat rock n roll") free here :

  Whilst you're at it, give them a like on Facebook. They deserve your love :

  It didn't really matter which song I posted below, they're all great but I have to choose one so this is Hostile Takeover....

Condo fever spead the virus
The upper class live right beside us
Gentrification is here to stay
Take everything I like and throw them all away

Hostile Takeover
With a bulldozer

The cost of living goes through the roof
The poor get poorer ignore the truth
Don't need no lineups and disco bars
Can't spend my welfare on caviar

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