Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Ye Nuns - Complication

  Many of you will be aware of The Monks. They were a garage rock band formed in 1964 in Geinhausen, West Germany, by 5 American GI's that were stationed over there. They didn't cause a massive stir at the time but their music has lived on and has been discovered by subsequent generations (my introduction was via The Fall who's Mark E Smith was a big fan). They released the 1966 album Black Monk Time as well as a few singles and lasting affection for these releases led to them playing reunion tours years later. They were a big influence on many, including the ladies that feature in today's update.

  Ye Nuns love The Monks. From London and featuring members from bands such as Thee Headcoatees, Echobelly, The Priscillas, The A-Lines, Mambo Taxi etc, they've been helping bring the music of The Monks to a modern day audience since 2006. https://www.facebook.com/YeNuns/

  In 2014 they released an album called Nun More Black. Featuring covers of 13 Monks songs, it sold out very quickly. Fear not though if you missed out first time around, Manchester label Crocodile Records are going to be putting the album out again. There'll be 300 copies on vinyl, they're expected to be in stock today so check out Facebook for ordering details (don't hang around as they'll go fast)... https://www.facebook.com/CrocodileRecs/

  There's also a new single on State Records, I Don't Want To Do This Again/Don't Worry, so check that out too....   https://www.facebook.com/staterecords66/

  Nun More Black is a riot. It's fun. It's a fitting testament to a great and enduring band. If you love punk rock but occasionally hanker after something a little different, this is for you. The original version of this was a single in 1965, it's called Complication....

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