Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Everybody Knows - Hello Hello

  I got recommended the song on today's update by Chris Parker (you may remember him as the man behind both Chain Letters and The Aerosol Burns, 2 bands who just released one great single each, I'm sure you'll read this Chris....get some new music recorded!  *he's already read this and he says Violet, Matt and Sophia are all keen to make more records but he never seems to get round to it though the song in today's update is inspiring him to write some more* ). Anyway he told me had a friend in Finland who's band were about to release a new 7". The friend, Jesse Gehlen, was Chain Letters' first ever fan and his band, The Everybody Knows, used to play a cover of Chain Letters' Bad Reflection. The song from their new 7" that you'll find below blew my socks off so it was a no brainer it'd end up on here, the only problem being I had pretty much no info on them so I asked Jesse to write his own intro and here it is....

So The Everybody Knows is a power pop / punk band originally from Joensuu, Finland. Currently three members live in Joensuu and I live in Helsinki. Started off as an idea to play Nikki & the Corvettes styled music, but evolved into something completely different. We took the name from an Incredible Kidda Band song. I had played guitar for 6 months when the band started and our drummer just started drumming. We then added a great bassist and a really good singer to the band. We've played for a little over two years now and released a 7'' via Psychedelica Records last year called Ice Hockey Girl. We are self-releasing a new EP May 9th called Hello Hello that will include three tracks. We are also heading on a two week tour with Canadian band Fashionism May 9th.

The tour will cover a few cities in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We've toured Finland quite extensively but have never played abroad before this tour. You can check out our music on Spotify and bandcamp. Here's our bandcamp link: https://theeverybodyknows.bandcamp.com/ You can order our previous 7'' directly from Psychedelica Records or Teen Wolf Records in Helsinki. You can also email the band directly: theeverybodyknowsband@gmail.com. The new 7'' will be available at shows during our tour but we can also send copies after the tour for anyone interested. Either contact the band on FB or send an email!

  A jangly power pop gem that barely passes the 2 minute mark, if this is the kind of music that's coming out of Finland at the moment I need to investigate that country more. This is called Hello Hello....

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