Thursday, 10 May 2018

Masses - Worthy

photo : Photoyunist

  Formed in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia, Masses feature Nellie Pearson (vocals and synth, she's previously appeared on this blog with her other band, Ubik), James Blake (vocals/guitar), Tessa Tribe (bass and also a member of Ubik) and Ash Wyatt (drums). James and Tessa are also in a new band called Terremoto. Tagging themselves anarcho/post-punk/goth they combine politically motivated themes with darkly morose melodies. I can sometimes take or leave this kind of moody, atmospheric music but Masses have an urgency about them and are one of the bands that I can buy into.

  Their back catalogue features a 2013 demo cassette, 2014's Horde Mentality ep, 2015's Masses/Death Church split ep and their debut 2016 album Moloch. They're back with a new S/T ep which is available via Lost In Fog Records (Australia) and Symphony Of Destruction Records (Europe). It's also available "name your price" on Bandcamp....

  They've plenty of gigs lined up in support of the ep including next month's European tour. You can check details here :

  The new ep is a definite winner that's been picking up plenty of well deserved positive comments. This is the lead track, it's called Worthy....

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