Sunday, 13 May 2018

Darky Dark And The Junkie Bunch - The New American Love Song

   I was recommended the song I'm sharing today by Tokyo based dj Mike Rogers so many thanks to him for enriching my life with this tasteful tune! It's by a band from Costa Mesa, California, called Darky Dark And The Junkie Bunch. They describe themselves as "a modern day hardcore punk band for a fearful new world" and they list amongst their influences the likes of Days n Daze, NOFX, Leftover Crack, Pat The Bunny, Mischief Brew, Pennywise and GG Allin. Basically catchy punk rock tunes with a dash of folk and plenty of anarchy.

  The current line up of the band is Darkness Junkie Wonderman (guitar/vocals), Dirty Kyle (guitar/vocals), Ricky Jones (bass/vocals), Gavin Savage (drums) and when they play local shows they augment their sound with Elias (fiddle). More info here :

  Their debut album, Experience, Strength And Dope was released in 2016, the ep Salting The Earth With Our Madness followed in 2017 and they recently returned with their 2nd album. It's titled 27 club, it features guest appearances by a bunch of local artists and it's pretty damn cool. Also damn cool is the fact it's name your price on Bandcamp....

  The song you'll find below has already been removed from Youtube at least once (I can't think why!) but it's back again and hopefully still will be by the time you read this. The tune is catchy as hell and the lyrics might well upset your nan (so sing along). This is The New American Love Song....

I would shoot up a high school for you. I would shoot up a Batman movie preview. They would shoot up a whole bunch of Clorox for you cuz that's how much I care. 

I'd run over pregnant mothers for you. I'd run over a cat with a tractor too. I would sell a bunch of drugs to a hopeless youth. Cuz that's how much I care. 

And start listening to dubstep for you. I would take a bunch of ecstasy and ketamine too. I would beat off in a McDonald's play place for you cuz that's how much I care. 

And I don't care if people stare while I self-immolate it makes you think that maybe this country should never be that great I know it's crazy and it might seem wrong I'm just trying to make this place we call a New World Order planet Earth worth living on. 

I would go join the Army for you I would kill a bunch of people because I was told to I might even start to sexually degrade a few cuz that's how much I care 

I believe in the system for you I would become a racist and I build a wall to I would sell out my fellow man and woman for you. Cuz that's how much I care. 

I'd crash a plane into some towers for you. I would fill the bottom floor with explosives too. I would detonate them remotely just to hide the truth cuz that's how much I care. 


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