Sunday 1 April 2018

Dissonant - Corrupt


  Today you're getting the first song released by a band that I stumbled upon yesterday and thought, "yep, that sounds like a promising introduction." The band in question are called Dissonant, they're a 3 piece from Barnstaple in North Devon, they formed last year and they're "edgy teens angry about the government and that..." The line up is Will Rogers (bass/shouting), Alex Terry (guitar/shouting) and Ollie Chavasse (hitting things) and their influences include Anti Flag, Minor Threat, Black Flag, SNFU, Wonk Unit, NOFX and Pears.

  For more info, head over to Facebook and give them a like :

  Their first release is a single which you can download a free track from here :

  Angry, political punk that bodes well for the future. This is Corrupt.....

You don’t have to listen to what they have to say 
They’re not gonna make your problems go away 
They’ll take take take from you until your wallet’s dry 
They’ll keep on doing that until you fucking die 

All your leaders are fucking corrupt 
Their money’s off shore so it can’t get touched 
It’s a rule for the rich and another for the poor 
And I don’t wanna take it any more 

The army of the streets, It’s nothing but brutality 
Enforcing what the government thinks is best for society 
The white man gets away with it but if the lad’s black the body cam breaks 
How many more deaths until the world realises it’s mistakes 



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