Monday, 16 April 2018

The Mekons 77 - Still Waiting

  The Mekons 77, featuring the original line up of Leeds legends The Mekons;  Ros Allen (bass), Andy Corrigan (vocals), Tom Greenhalgh (lead guitar) Jon Langford (drums), Kevin Lycett (rhythm guitar) and Mark White (vocals),  celebrated their 40th anniversary by getting back in the studio and recording a brand new album. The addition of 77 to the name is to avoid confusion with the current and ongoing Mekons line up. It's a heady time for fans with 2 different incarnations of the band to enjoy.

  The Mekons....

  The Mekons 77...

  Anyway, Mekons 77, original line up, new album. It's called It Is Twice Blessed, it's 12 tracks, it's available on vinyl here :

  It's always good when one of the golden era punk bands wants to put out exciting new material rather than trade on past glories. One listen to the catchy as hell song below will demonstrate how they're still as vital and inventive as ever. 40 years on from Where Were you and they're still here, still great, still waiting for the start of world peace, for an end to world hunger and for the girl with the yellow hair.

Still Waiting....

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