Sunday, 15 April 2018

Debbie Downers - Louis and David


  As you may know, as well as this blog, there's also a weekly Just Some Punk Songs show. Searching out new music for both it's impossible not to notice how many great new bands there are springing up in Australia. Some you've probably already grown to love (Amyl And The Sniffers, The Chats, Bikini Cops, Brad Pot, Cold Meat etc) but plenty more that you should check out. One of those bands features today.

  Debbie Downers are from Perth, have been around for a year or two and feature a line up of Lisa Lou (vocals), Cleh Greggy (guitar), Scrambled Megs (bass/vocals) and Ashley Ack (drums). Earning comparisons with the likes of Kleenex/Liliput & The Petticoats they recently released their debut ep. Titled Eat My Skorts, it's 6 tracks of fun diy post punk that's available on both cassette and digitally from excellent Perth label Helta Skelta (I recommend you check out their other releases).

  The song I'm playing on Tuesday's show ( details : ) and highlighting today is their love letter to messrs Theroux and Attenborough, those documentary makers par excellence. This is Louis And David.....


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