Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Unease - Society's Possessed (Review By Darren Bourne)


  As I didn't manage to get a guest review for you last Friday, you're getting a bonus one today courtesy of Darren Bourne of Tadpole Records (http://tadpolerecords.blogspot.co.uk/). Darren's a big supporter of his local music scene and today he introduces us to Unease....

  2017 was a good year for Brighton & Hardcore / Punk. Bands like State Funeral, Vile Spirit, Never, Structure and many, many more seemed to be putting BN1 on the map with no sigh of slowing down. Most have records out, or coming out soon & most are getting out there playing shows which we all know is the best way to catch this style of music. 

  So it's 2018 and Brighton has some new, fresh blood. These guys are a right powerhouse of a band, not that the members are new to the scene. I give you Unease, a great Raw Hardcore band that may interest fans of Sunshine Ward, Bastard, Impalers or Cønditiøn. 

  Unease are Dean (vocals), Lloyd (bass), Steve (guitar) and Ant (drums) 

   They've just released a Demo which has been getting some great reviews, watch it on Youtube or download it (name your price) from the band's Bandcamp https://uneasepunx.bandcamp.com/releases . Maybe bookmark their page as it looks like the band will be back recording new tunes pretty soon. 

  They're planning a tour in July 2018, so get in touch via their Bandcamp if you want to help out, but for now check out their debut gig here. I personally love watching Ant play drums, because he doesn't just hit the drums, he aims for the floor like his life depends on it everytime & is one hell of a drummer, making this one tight unit & a band to watch out for. 

Unease : Brighton 05/04/2018 @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar 

  Usually you just get a song to wrap things up but today you're getting the full ep. This is Society's Possessed.....

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