Sunday, 8 April 2018

Hysterese - Fortune

  From Tubingen, Germany, Hysterese have recently released their third self titled album. Lining up with Helen Runge (vocals/guitar), Thomas Haug (vocals/bass), Moritz Kehle (guitar) and Kai Hirt (drums), they remind me a little of Red Dons (or as been mentioned elsewhere, any number of bands from Portland Oregon). The album is out now on This Charming Man Records and you can find it here : 

  Certainly not venturing into the realms of goth but their music has a dark atmosphere to it though don't expect slow, plodding gloom merchants. Despite being atmospheric they also manage to remain catchy and upbeat. An oxymoron? Possibly. Just have a listen and hopefully you'll see what I'm clumsily trying to convey. The opening track from the album, this is Fortune....

I will not rest 
discover the truth 
put to test 
need to improve 

progress report 
something to proceed 
back and forth between walls 
I go tilt at windmills 

hold on to 
brand new old 
need to improve 

nothing to say 
obligation to tell 
back and forth between bounds 
I go run in circles 

run run run 

provided furtune 
apodictic certainty 
better burn don't fade 
give it another try

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