Friday 27 April 2018

Girth Control - Coffee Me! (Review By Jeffrey Thunders)

  A guest review today from Jeffrey Thunders who regular visitors may remember is vocalist with New Haven band The Lost Riots

  Today he wants to recommend the recent 7" from Girth Control so I'll leave you in his capable hands...

One of the most fun bands out today are Girth control who hail from Albany NY. The ska/punk trio released their 7" " Shorter, Faster, Dumber" this past November. Short and fast is what it is. With 14 tracks and only one topping the minute mark with "Bad Things" clocking in at one minute and 12 seconds.

Dumb is what it is not. Girth Control carefully executed a tremendous record mixed upbeat tunes and tongue in cheek lyrics in songs such as "Yuengs (who drank the"), and "5:2". One of the most fun bands in Northeast America today. Recommend for fans of: The Descendents, Reel Big Fish, Beer, Saturday Night Live.

Check out the album here :

  This is Coffee Me! 

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