Monday 9 April 2018

Boys Order - ”blue blue red..."

  Here's a catchy little number that I played on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( It's by powerpoppunkparty band Boys Order. They're a 3 piece from Osaka in Japan and line up with Chihiro Isadora (vocals/bass), Captain LFO (guitar/vocal) and Electric (drums/chorus). They include amongst a lengthy list of influences the likes of The Dictators, Blondie, The Rezillos, The Go Gos, Billy Childish, The Rolling Stones, X Ray Spex etc.

  They came to my notice in 2014 with single Tomorrow Dancing and returned last year with infectious debut album Do The Wild Cat. Both are available on Secret Mission Records (a label that's building up a killer back catalogue including releases by the likes of Kidnappers, M.O.T.O., Radioactivity, The Raydios, The Fadeaways, The Geros etc). The album is a blast of upbeat fun that'll appeal to anyone with a pulse so check it out.....

  To learn more about them they're on Facebook here :

  As there's a video for this song it's the one I'm highlighting today. Best listened to whilst dancing with a big grin on your face, this is Blue Blue Red....

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