Tuesday 3 April 2018

Tango Mango - Flurry

   "This one is fucking awesome!"  according to someone called Kosty who commented on Youtube when I uploaded the song you're getting today. To be fair, they have a point.

  Tango Mango are a duo from Tolland, Connecticut. Tommy Loura is on guitar and vocals whilst Kyle Schmitz is on drums and vocals. You can find them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tangomangoband/

  I know pretty much nothing about them except that they have a new album (their debut?) out soon called It Takes Two To Tango Mango. If you check out Bandcamp there's a couple of songs from it available as a free download :  https://tangomango.bandcamp.com/

  Proving that not all punks in 2018 are grizzled old veterans (though many of us certainly are!), this fresh faced pair produce a pleasingly modern sounding brand of noise rock. From the taste they've offered up, the album should be a sure fire winner. This is the fast paced opening track, it's titled Flurry.....

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