Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Fallout - Raise Your Flag


  No strangers to this blog and one of my favourite ever Canadian bands, The Fallout are a Toronto trio featuring Byron (guitar/vocals), Bob (drums/vocals) and Patty (bass/vocals). If Woody Guthrie had been a modern era Canadian he'd have probably been a member of this band. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and seem to find the process of writing political songs that have both a great tune and a valid message a bit of a breeze. You can check out their back catalogue here :

  Their 2004 (long out of print) classic album, Turning Revolution Into Money, has been remixed and remastered and will be available on Bandcamp on Mayday as a pay what you want download. All donations will fund their upcoming 4 track 7".

  A new 7"? I'm glad you asked. The ep will be released by the excellent Rebel Time Records and will be titled Raise Your Flag. No doubt it'll be one of 2018's best so watch out for it.

  They've just released a video for the title track. As a schoolkid, I began buying punk records over 40 years ago and one of the many singles in my collection was the Rising Free ep by the Tom Robinson Band. On that ep was a song called Glad To Be Gay. To be honest, the prejudices and abuse suffered by gay people was something my 13 year old self had never really been aware of up until then and I would think that was the first time I'd heard someone proclaiming they were glad to be gay, I imagine many of my contemporaries were hearing this for the first time too. I wasn't gay but for those that were it must have been a defining moment. The video you'll find below features footage of 1973's Toronto Pride Parade and riffs on the themes presented by that TRB classic. The Fallout, catchy as hell tunes with a message? Hell yeah!

  This is Raise Your Flag.....

Raise your flag, Raise it high Let them look you in the eye Side by side Show your pride Wave your flag, wave your flag Raise your flag, Raise it high And when they look you in the eye Wave your flag, wave your flag, wave your flag Double standards of the hypocrites They condescend as you bite your lip You’re in my heart You’re on my mind You don’t have to take that shit On the horizon is a new frontier If you feel alone or you’re getting scared With all your spirit And all your soul You know there is nothing to fear Sing if you’re glad to be gay Homophobes are just a dying breed As they cling to an illegitimate creed You’re in my heart You’re on my mind They offer nothing that you can believe All their hate they never take a rest Stunning ignorance takes away your breath With all your spirit And all your soul Resolve that you’ll never forget To sing if you’re happy that way.

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