Saturday, 31 March 2018

Shux - Not a Not Nazi


  Shux are an experimental punk band from Missouri who I first became aware of last year when I came across their song I Don't Wanna Indoor Toilet on the Horrendous New Wave album. It was released by Fish Records (a sub label of Lumpy Records, the label started up by Martin Meyer who's featured in a number of great bands including Lumpy And The Dumpers, BB Eye, Cal And The Calories etc...). 

  Earlier this month they released a 5 track demo. As well as I Don't Wanna Indoor Toilet, there's 3 more original compositions plus a cover of Devo's Goo Goo Itch. You can, and should, snap up the demo name your price....

  If you have a liking for slightly off kilter, female fronted post punk/new wave then you should enjoy Shux. There's a definite Devo influence to their sound whilst the vocals remind me of so many great innovative bands from punk's history. Definitely best played loud, definitely a grower. This is Not A Not Nazi....

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