Thursday 15 March 2018

Dirty Cheetah - I Need It

  Dirty Cheetah are a rockin' n rollin' 4 piece from Montreal who recently released their debut single. It's titled I Need It and it's available digitally now on Bandcamp :

  The band line up with Pat Panic (lead vocals/guitar), Frank Letourneau (guitar/vocals), Don Lucas (bass/vocals) and Lynn Poulin (drums). Not always easy to tell on the evidence of one song but they sound to me as though they'll soon be registering on the radar of fans of budget rock and garage punk everywhere. Rumour has it there's more songs they're looking to release and future plans hopefully include a debut 7" on a UK label. Give them a like and keep up to date with any news....

  Don't talk to me, don't look at me, when you stay away from me, I'm not gonna be the one that'll make you feel alright.... I need you outta my head!

  This is I Need It.....

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