Sunday, 25 March 2018

Louis Lingg And The Bombs - Sheena Is Too Old

  Parisienne punk-rock-garage-electro-big beat-pop-anarcho saviours of the two and a half minute pop song are back with a new ep. They haven't hung around as their album, Favela Ninja has only just been released on limited edition blue vinyl ( The new ep is titled Kiiroichurippu : Hopeless Love In The Age Of The Glitch. It's not what you'd call your typical punk record, it is very good (think J-Rock meets Euro Dance!) and you can check it out here :  Snap it up, it's name your price.

  This is the lead track and it's one of the best things the band have done. Way back when the kids were all hopped up and ready to go, Sheena was a vibrant young thing ready to break away. The Sheena in this song is feeling her age.

  This is Sheena Is Too Old...

Alternative - alternative facts abound 

around the world - she’s caught up in a storm of lies 
She feels her a-age, computer noise, no help at all 

She cries alo-one, Coping with a loss of hope. 

Verse 2 

rasping bre-eath - of a wild and twisted world 

She can’t acce-ept, prozac pulsing through her viens 

Scared on stre-eet - but she knows it’s all a lie 

feels obsole-ete - as if her friends all think she died. 

Oh oh oh 

the truth is always one step behind. 

You think you understand how fucked up this world is? 
The truth slowly slips away as we drown in chaos! 

Sheena is too old! 
dumpster diving got her down

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