Saturday, 10 March 2018

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jamie Price (Rats From A Sinking Ship)

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  I recently posted a song from the new album by Ilkeston band Rats From A Sinking Ship. It's titled Fight The Future and it's out on March 17th (and it's bloody good). You can get details here :

Today you're getting a top 10 chosen by guitarist Jamie Price.....

In no particular order :

 1)  NOFX - Linoleum

Someone lent me a c90 tape1995 with punk in drublic on one side and and out come the wolves on the other. This was the first song to come blasting out of the stereo and I've been hooked ever since.

 2)  RANCID - Hyena

So seeing as they've been mentioned already, Rancid. their first 5 albums were a massive part of my life. I could have picked any track from them but this was always a favourite.

 3)  AIRBOMB - Nihili

played my first ever gig supporting these guys and Screamer in Nottingham. This was the first track on one of the best demo tapes I've ever heard.

 4)  CHAOS U.K. - Ronnie 11

Some good old fashioned shouty punk. I prefer the later albums with chaos on vocals.

 5)  THERAPY? - Screamager

Best band on the planet. No arguments. I will fight you.

 6)  ROAD RAGE - Borderline 

Everything you want from a punk song. Pete's a great frontman, if you get chance to see him and the boys in 3 stone monkey, do it.

 7)  BEASTIE BOYS - Sabotage

The perfect mix of rap and rock.

 8)  THE BUS STATION LOONIES - Hops And Barley

Does punk rock mix with politics? Of course it fucking does, However there's still plenty of room to just be silly.

 9)  GUNS N ROSES - You Could Be Mine

I got this on its day of release, it was the first single I ever bought.

10)  THE VARUKERS - Genocide

Had the pleasure of playing a fair few gigs with these when I was a teenager. great band great guys, they really looked after us and the bass on this is killer.

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