Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Muscle Barbie - You!

  Muscle Barbie are from Vienna and play "rough and ready UK79 snot punk." They're a trio featuring Soletti Gator, Todd Midge Tutti and Danny Cochs. In December 2016 they released the All Your Stuff tape (2016) and are preparing to follow it up in June of this year with a s/t 12" which will be available from Harbinger Sound. The digital d/l of All Your Stuff and a teaser track from the upcoming 12" can be found here : https://musclebarbie.bandcamp.com/

  You can also check out a second track from the 12" here :  https://soundcloud.com/buttertube/muscle-barbie-talker

  I've no idea what they're singing about but they sound angry and the music is great (thundering dark post punk) so check them out. This is called You!

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