Friday, 16 March 2018

Bug Central - Without (Reviewed By Shaun Morris)

  Bug Central are the long running 3 piece anarcho punk band from London who recently released a new ep on the excellent Grow Your Own Records. I've played a couple of songs from it on the show so I was pleased when Bamboo Vipers ( frontman Shaun Morris asked if he could select it when I collared him to do one of the guest reviews. Before I hand over to him I'll just give a couple of links for Bug Central...

Bug Central's new 7" There's More of Us. This London band have been cranking it out now for over 20 years. Blending the sound of Cock Sparrer style streetpunk with an anarco/protest vibe, their new single gets straight to the point and doesn't mince it's words. Like this alot and will check out their other stuff.

    Yep, short but sweet and but hopefully enough to get you to want to check out the ep. This is my favourite track from it, it's called Without....

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