Saturday, 24 March 2018

KENNY KENNY OH OH - Why Can't We Say

  Kenny Kenny Oh Oh are a 4 piece punk band with members (Olaf, Kutte, Fritte & Made) from both Leipzig and Berlin. Various reviews I've seen compare them with such luminaries as The Avengers, Vice Squad, Soviettes, Vanna and White Lung. Think rocking, female fronted '77 punk meets riot grrrl (are we still allowed to say female fronted?) and you won't be far off. You can get more info here :

  Last year they released debut album I Will Not Negotiate. It's a short blast of aggression that should get you bouncing. You can find it "name your price" here :

   This is the opening song, it's called Why Can't We Say....

I don‘t wanna care
you don‘t wanna care
about that fucking appreciation
I have to be best
you have to be tough
all tired of that competition
so why can‘t we say no
why don‘t we say
fuck that damn appraisal
no I can‘t say no
though it nearly broke me down
though it‘s making us all sick
though it nearly broke me down
though it‘s breaking us all down
you don‘t need to pay your credit anymore

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