Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Autonomads - Run Like A Girl

  There's some very good blogs and shows/podcasts around at the moment promoting new punk music (feel free to name your favourites in the comments as I'm always keen to check them out) but I can't help but think we're a band of modern day Sisyphus' eternally rolling punk rock boulders up never ending hills of indifference. No matter how good the music is that we promote, the vast majority of the music loving public prefers naff tv karaoke. But we plough on as we enjoy it, we love discovering a new band and shouting about it in the hope others will feel the same. Manchester band Autonomads aren't a new band, they've been together since 2007, but boy are they good.

  Mixing elements of dub, reggae, ska, punk & folk, they're a 5 piece featuring Jay (guitar/vocals), Porl (drums/vocals), Ehliot (bass), Perkie (keys/melodica/vocals) and Eeyun (guitar/vocals). With round 500 gigs and several European tours under their belts they're a finely honed outfit who get stronger with every release. The latest of those releases, All Quiet On The Western Front, came out last month and is the sort of record that deserves to be heard :

  Dealing with topics such as the gentrification of Manchester (including the chopping down of the 100+ year old Birley Tree in the city centre to provide student accomodation), border controls/small island mentality and the under privilaged sleeping rough or under lock and key on both sides of the channel, the exploitation of the many by the few.

  And there's the song I'm featuring today. IT'S NOT AN INSULT! This is Run Like A Girl.......

I got more unwanted male attention when I was twelve years old 
I still have my keys between my fingers when I'm walking home 
Humans only love you when your smiling I'm told 
So look happy, look happy, keep smiling, keep smiling 


You run like a girl, not an insult 
You cry like a girl, not an insult 

Gotta be the man they say don't show how you feel 
But its all constructed and you know it just ain't real 
When I was young they said you know that boys don't cry 
Keep it down and grit your teeth until they day you die 

Laugh and feel and cry and scream 
Yeah I'll laugh and feel and try and scream 
Laugh and feel and cry and scream 
Yeah I'll try and scream yeah I'll cry and scream

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