Thursday, 6 July 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Guttfull


  Guttfull are the London feminist punk band who featured on here recently with a track from their forthcoming #notallmen ep (check it out here : I asked Cassie Fox from the band if she would like to contribute a Top 10 for me to post and she very kindly rounded up the rest of the group to come up with this excellent collaborative effort. Many thanks guys.....

  1) DOWNTOWN BOYS - Wave Of History

 2)  X RAY SPEX - Oh Bondage Up Yours!

  3) CWA - Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses

  4) ROMEO VOID - Never Say Never

  5) BIKINI KILL - Feels Blind

  6) CRASS - Shaved Women

  7) DREAM NAILS - Deep Heat

  8) PETROL GIRLS - Touch Me Again

  9) KITTEN FOREVER - Get Loud


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