Wednesday 26 July 2017

Cheap Whine - Unnoticed


  Cheap Whine are a power pop / pop punk "supergroup" from Ottawa that first got together in 2015 and who's debut S/T album was out recently on Drunken Sailor Records. They're a trio featuring Eric French (Feral Attack / Varsity Weirdos ), Steve Adamyk (Steve Adamyk Band / Sedatives) and Jordy Bell (Crusades / The Creeps).

  The album features 13 tracks of catchy, guitar driven greatness that's both urgent and immediate. Reminiscent in many ways to Radioactivity & Marked Men, you'll quickly fall in love with it so get yourselves over to the Drunken Sailor Bandcamp and check it out....

  I could have picked any of the tracks to highlight but I played the one you'll find below on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom so I'll share it to a wider audience.

  This is Unnoticed....

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