Wednesday 5 July 2017

Structure - Disco

  This could be a short preview as today's update is a song by a new band that I know next to nothing about and who pretty much seem to be absent from the internet. They're called Structure, they're from Brighton and after asking if anyone knew anything about them I was told they're a 3 piece featuring Chris (Die/Onmacht), Paul (Onmacht/Splintered) and Maureen (Men Oh Pause/Burnt Cross).

  They only made their live debut late last month and the footage is available on the Tadpole Records Youtube page.

  More important than sharing loads of info about them is sharing music and fortunately they do have a Bandcamp page on which you can find their debut S/T single. Even better it's name your price so no excuse not to check it out...

  Recommended "for fans of Crisis, Wire, Gang Of Four..." for me the pick of the 3 tracks on the single is this post punk gem, it's called Disco.....

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