Saturday 29 July 2017

The Domestics - Snuffed Out


  The Domestics have been busy of late, not only are they releasing a new album but on the same day there's also going to be a 6 track ep of covers of some of their favourite songs (I'm particularly looking forward to hearing Fall classic City Hobgoblins!). The ep will be aptly titled Pissing On Perfection and you can check out details here :

  Today's update though features a song from the album. Mostly hailing from the Suffolk market town of Sudbury, The Domestics featured in the Just Some Punk Songs' Top 10 Songs of 2016 chart with the outstanding Spit On Your Flag. Already this year, frontman James Domestic-Scott has appeared on the excellent Bring The Drones' lp Ignorance Paradise so it seems pretty obvious that new album Cherry Blossom Life is going to be a modern day hardcore punk classic. The teaser song that you'll find below certainly gets the mouth watering. It'll be released on August 4th on TNS Records and you can get your orders in here :

  There's also limited edition coloured vinyl available through Kibou Records (104 gold, 165 silver, 272 bronze) :

  Fast, energetic and passionate, this is Snuffed Out.....

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