Friday 28 July 2017

Sheer Mag - Expect The Bayonet

  Sheer Mag are the Philadelphia rock band that sound as though they'd be equally at home appearing on The Old Gray Whistle Test in the early 70's as they would playing down at your local punk fleapit. They're the sort of band that you couldn't fail to recognise thanks to the distinctive vocals of frontwoman Christina Halladay or the intricate guitar stylings of Kyle Seely and Matt Palmer. A perfect melding of 70's rock with modern day protest punk attitude. They've only been together since 2014 but have already released 3 excellent eps (plus a compilation album of those tracks), they've also previously featured on here a couple of times :

  Earlier this month they released their debut album, it's called Need To Feel Your Love and you can find it in the US on their own label, Wilsuns Recording Company, or in Europe on Static Shock. It's also on Bandcamp :

  I could wax on about how great it is but it's already been reviewed by many better writers than myself so I'll just say give it a proper listen, read the lyrics, enjoy the riffs.... you'll love it.

  The song below is one of the protest songs that pepper the album, it's about how the suppressed will rise up and make the rich white men regret not giving them the ballot. White supremacy will no longer be tolerated. It's called Expect The Bayonet.....

From the sorrow we created 
A fragile state of blood and whim 
Made for rich men in their white skin 
And people bolder than I 
Stood up to the lie 
That equality has left behind 
But it leaves no doubt in my mind 
And I been reading the news and you’ll surely regret 
If you don’t give us the ballot 
Expect the bayonet 

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya 
Cuz for every man high upon the hog 
There’s a dogwood forest buried in the fog 
How naked is your eye 
And do you ever wonder why? 
You’re being asked to recompense 
You’re on the last leg of your defense 
So you better atone 
Or you’ll surely regret 
And if you don’t give us the ballot 
Expect the bayonet 

When the name came down 
I covered my ears afraid of the sound 
But we got the power to take back our nights 
Give up our silence and give up our time alone 

We’re not on our own 
Though violent minds hatch violent plans 
For many it’s the only thing they understand 
And when the dog whistle is ringing 
It’s the currency that they deal in 
So before the worlds been reduced to soot 
SOLIDARITY for those underfoot 
I better remind ya 
Or you’ll surely regret 
And if you don’t give us the ballot 
Expect the bayonet

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