Saturday 8 July 2017

Natterers - Surf Off!

photo : Miff Did It

  Natterers are the hard hitting Yorkshire punk band that featured on here last year with a cautionary tale of what could well happen once the population of our planet becomes too great to sustain itself. It was taken from their impressive 4 track demo ( Last month they returned with the Toxic Care ep and it's been picking up plenty of positive press, something that doesn't surprise me as it's excellent.

  Featuring Emma (vocals), Andrew (bass), Thomas (guitar) and John (drums), Natterers are definitely one of the UK's most promising new bands. There'll be a 7" version of the new ep out next month on Boss Tunage Records/Serial Bowl Records (not sure how many will be left after pre orders as the toxic yellow coloured ones seem to have already been snapped up) whilst you can check out the digital release here :

  The song you'll find below is a lean, punchy minute and a half blast of sonic fury called Surf Off!

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  1. just got the Toxic Care and the demo flexi in the mail, and was stoked by both of them , as an old fart it's always good to know that there is new punk rock being produced!