Thursday 27 July 2017

24 Hour Punks - Stand

  24 Hour Punks are a punk rock "supergroup" featuring members of Popes Of Chillitown, Bar Stool Preachers, Call Me Malcolm, Skaciety, Battleska Galactica and Millie Manders. More precisely, Millie Manders (vocals), T J (vocals), Lucias (guitar), Aiden (guitar), Arvin (bass) and Pierre (drums). They recently got together and wrote, rehearsed & recorded an ep all within 24 hours. Titled Why We Fight, it's all in aid of cancer charity AMMF ( You can make donations here : and/or download the ep from Bandcamp with all proceeds going to AMMF.

  There'll also be a charity gig at London' New Cross Inn on 9th Sept. Details here :

  The ep features 3 tracks, all winners. Fierce, but catchy street punk is the order of the day with shared male and female vocals and up tempo instrumentation. It's all very impressive and you should check it out.

  This is the second track on the ep, it's called Stand....

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