Monday 31 July 2017

The Fall - Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s

  Hi Ho, Hi Ho..... There's a new Fall album out. Their 32nd studio effort in fact and to these ears though it may not be one of their Top 10 (that will only be confirmed many more listens down the line) it's certainly far better than an album number 32 has any right to sound. I could try and review it, but as regular visitors will know, reviewing is best left to those that can write. I could churn out my usual introductory few paragraphs but you all know The Fall so what's the point. Anyway, any lengthy review or introduction would very quickly have The Fall bingo game players filling up their cards and shouting house.

  New Facts Emerge, emerged on Cherry Red Records last Friday and it seems to be dividing opinion though I think most people are finding it to be better than they were possibly expecting (there's even a few reviewers who seem to have been blown away by it). The truth is, it's better than rather dull predecessor Sub-Lingual Tablet, it's not afraid to incorporate weirdness and experimentalism
(hoorah), there's parts (possibly most parts) that'll have non Fall fans running for the hills, but hasn't that always been the case? Naysayers might complain that MES' voice isn't what it was but he doesn't seem to give a phlegmy fuck so deal with it. Give it a proper listen and there's plenty to enjoy. yojne ot ytnelp s'ereht dna netsil a ti eviG (yeah I thought I'd go into Victoria Train Station Massacre reverse mode and bring paragraph 2 to an abrupt end before it started looking like a review).

  What song to feature below? I've already played Second House Now, Groundsboy and Gibbus Gibson on the show and all went down a storm so lets go with something a little more testing. This is Couples Vs Jobless Mid 30's.....

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