Sunday 9 July 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Darren Bourne (Tadpole Records)

  A few days ago I posted a song by new Brighton band Structure and mentioned that their debut gig was available to view on the Tadpole Records Youtube channel. One thing led to another and today you're getting a top 10 chosen by Darren Bourne who's the driving force behind the label. Brighton's Tadpole Records have been releasing punk, metal, hardcore and noise for a good number of years now and despite slowing down their output of late they've not completely shut up shop.

  Darren's opted to choose his Top 10 songs "right now." Many thanks and over to you mate....

  "Here is my top 10 songs, this will all change next week (and should probably include a bunch of Metal) but this is my Hardcore / Punk tunes right now... I think 2017 has been a strong year so far & we're only half way though - these didn't all come out this year, just tracks I keep playing 

The label is pretty much dead now due to money & time, the last Burnt Cross LP just came out & I have 1 more big plan, but other than that it'll probably just be the odd co-release from time to time...but don't hold me to that, things change.

As I'm Brighton based I'd like to give a shout out to new Brighton bands, we have a killer scene down here right now & If you get the chance go check out State Funeral, Never, Gutter Knife, Vile Spirit, Structure, Desire, Telekinesis, Bodily Fluids, Rotten Foxes, Human Leather & I'm sure by the time you read this a few more will have popped up - Brighton is killing it right now for Hardcore Punk...

Anyway, in no particular order...." 

  1) LEBENDEN TOTEN - Static

 2) WARTHOG - Coward

  3) STATE FUNERAL - Tory Party Prison

  4) STRUCTURE - Disco

  5) PUBLIC SERVICE - Carole 

  6) PANDEMIX - Faultless

  7) GLUE - Enemy

  8) UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE - Nosaltres Som La Cam

  9) EXIT UNIT - Blue Turns Red

 10) ULTRA - Fiera

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