Sunday 17 January 2016

Marvelous Mark - Doin' Fine

  One of my favourite bands is Teenage Fanclub, especially during the period twentysomething years ago when they were putting out albums of the quality of Bandwagonesque, Thirteen and Grand Prix. Songs like What You Do To Me, Norman 3, Sparky's Dream etc are absolute power pop classics. Today I'm posting a song from a new album that brings to mind those great records.

  Marvelous Mark, aka Mark Fosco, previously featured with Fucked Up's Ben Cook and No Warning's Matt Delong in Toronto band Marvelous Darlings. Now flying solo, he combines all the best bits of Teenage Fanclub, Big Star and Weezer to produce music that I can't see why anyone with even a modicum of good taste wouldn't fall in love with.

  We've already had a limited edition cassette ep (Husband Material) and a 7" single (Bite Me) but great as they were, he's topped those releases with a new album called Crushin'. Just out, on Drunken Sailor records, it's only 8 songs long but everyone of them is a winner. You can listen here :

  From the album, this is Doin' Fine.....

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