Monday 25 January 2016

The Cleats - Just Wanna Be


  The Cleats were from Edmonton, Canada and were contemporaries of The Wednesday Night Heroes (with whom they released a split 7" on Longshot Music in 2001). Also in 2001, they released an album called Lost Voices, Broken Strings which featured a dozen old school sing a long punk songs in the vein of bands like The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers (the album finishes with a version of the SLF classic Alternative Ulster).

  I don't really know anything else about them other than that I think they split after guitarist Chris Venner left to go to medical school so if anyone has more info please feel free to add it to the comments section.

  If you want to hear more, most of their songs seem to be on Youtube. Here's one of them, this is Just Wanna Be.......

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