Tuesday 26 January 2016

Unlovables - Fuck The World

  Somedays, nothing but a classic old cover version will do......

  Unlovables are a catchy as hell female fronted pop punk band from New York City who've recently returned after a 7 year break. First time around they released a couple of albums, Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak (2005) and Heartsickle (2007) which you can check out here : http://theunlovables.bandcamp.com/

  Now back with a line up of Hallie Bulleit (vocals/bass), Mikey Erg (drums), Frank Leone (guitar) and Fid (guitar), they've recently released a split album, along with Dirt Bike Annie, called Reunion Show. Time apart hasn't affected their ability to pen sugar rush feel good tunes, check it out on Whoa Oh Records' Bandcamp : https://whoaohrecords.bandcamp.com/releases.

  The song I'm posting isn't from any of those releases, it's taken from 2008's God Save The Queers tribute album and it's their awesome version of Fuck The World......

I called in sick to work today and stayed in bed 'til noon
And now I just don't care what's going on outside this room
Things aren't getting better
My future's not too bright
Fuck the world I'm hanging out with you tonight

Me and you will walk around so pointlessly
Smashing things, jacked up on way too much caffeine
I'm really going nowhere
I hate this shitty life
Fuck the world I'm hanging out with you tonight

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