Saturday 23 January 2016

Letdown - The Bottom

  (Photo: Kailey Elizabeth Photography)

  Letdown are from Oshawa, Ontario and are a "loud, fun and in your face" punk band who've just released their second ep. Titled The Bottom, it's the follow up to last year's Skin + Bones debut. You can find both of them on Bandcamp :

  The band is a 3 piece featuring Matt Wilson (guitar/vocals), Jake Otto (bass/vocals) and Ryan McMaster (drums) and they're currently touring the U.S. for the first time. It's their 3rd tour in 12 months (highlights include opening for Gob and playing Toronto's Indy Week). Aside from the aforementioned Gob, they're also influenced by the likes of Sum 41 and Neck Deep.

  This is the title track from the new ep.......

With all these thoughts inside my head 
I find it hard to make them real 
And just to sleep in my own bed 
I can't remember how that feels 
Like waking up inside a house that I know 
I could call my home 
And just to have more than a backpack 
Filled with everything I own 

Please tell me why I feel so low 
Someone take me higher 
Im so tired of life on the bottom 

Im not that bad 
Despite the things that I, 
Will probably never have 
I'm counting ships I've sunk, 
The things I've done, 
And the smoke that fills my lungs 
Im not that bad 

So let me paint you all a picture 
Of just everything I found 
Just like everyone I know 
You saved yourselves and let me drown

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