Friday, 8 January 2016

Worriers - Yes All Cops

 (photo by Kenneth Bachor)

  Worriers are from Brooklyn, New York, their first release was a single called Past Lives which came out in 2011, this was followed a couple of years later by single number 2, Sinead O'Rebellion. Later that year, Don Giovanni Records released debut album, Cruel Optimist and the same label put out the follow up, Imaginary Life, last August. You can find those releases out here :

  The powerhouse behind the band is songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Lauren Denitzio who before forming Worriers had previously been a member of The Measure [sa]. There's been a number of line up changes since they started up but their latest album, produced by Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace, also featured Mikey Erg (drums/backing vocals), Rachel Rubino (guitar), John Mclean (guitar), Audrey Zee Whitesides (bass) and Lou Hanman (backing vocals).

  The band know how to make catchy music but their main strength is the songwriting, lyrics touch upon social, political and gender topics. A prime example is the song posted below which addresses police violence and how society is at least in part complicit by remaining silent in the face of that violence.

 This is Yes All Cops.......

You try to act surprised but it’ll never work.
The news fades over all the kids they hurt.
But you see the real picture when America hates
echoing out over the flyover states.
 Sometimes silence is a loaded gun
in the hands of all of us.
Nothing hurts like doing nothing can.
They’ll only give it up when we rip it from their cold dead hands.
 I’ve got a problem with excuses for some.
It’s not the worst of them it’s every last one.
Don’t expect a benefit you don’t extend to me.
You’ve got a lot of power, you’ve got a lot of greed.
 I just believe what I see,
complacent ignorance and reality.
I’ve learned not to trust anyone
least of all men in blue uniform.

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