Monday 18 January 2016

Jet Packs - Some Dreams Are

  Their debut album, Co-Protest was released in 2011 and they've also recorded a number of eps. Their most recent release was out last month and is called Granfalloon. Echoing the album's phantasmogorical mood, the cover features a photograph of the Gloucestershire cheese rolling tournament at Coopers Hill. You can check out most of their music here :

  When thinking about which song to feature I was drawn to the snappily titled Rise Against Bad Religion but Dmitriy insists that Some Dreams Are is the highlight of the album and my ma always told me "son, never argue with a dumbhead!"  This one's for you Dmitriy, Some Dreams Are.......

Some dreams are really worth dreaming 

Some dreams should have deeper meaning 

Some dreams are more real than the other 

But I want to hold a koala 

My mom thinks (that) I should be driving 

My dad sees my business as thriving 

My girl tries to make me love flowers 

But I want to hold a koala

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