Thursday 21 January 2016

The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow

  Today seems a good day to slip in a classic......

  The Chords formed in south east London in 1978 and were one of the more successful of the mod revival bands that hitched a ride on the punk/new wave juggernaut. Often compared with The Jam, they were originally signed to Jimmy Pursey's J P Productions though most of their success came once they were on Polydor.

The classic line up featured Billy Hassett (vocals/guitar), Martin Mason (bass), Chris Pope (guitar) and Brett "Buddy" Ascott (drums). They released their debut single, Now It's Gone, in 1979 and followed it up with chart hit Maybe Tomorrow. Their debut album was 1980's So Far Away.

  There were a number of other singles but they called a day in 1981 (they got back together to tour and release a single in 2010). A compilation of their best stuff titled This Is What They Want came out in 2000 on Polydor.

  One of the best of the mod revival singles of the time, this is Maybe Tomorrow.....

Sometimes I just get a feeling
Crazy dreams inside
People hiding wearing uniforms
Screams of laughter shouts you lied
Pointed fingers and questions why
Scared scared people with their lives all torn

A real sound
From the streets
From the towns

Sometimes I watch and wait
Signs of voices and screams
Dreaming now is this just a funny joke
Can this all be just a dream
Oh no it can't be it's to obscene
Thats when I see you staring at me

A real sound
From the streets
From the towns
Silent Footsteps
Whispers all about
It's too late
The deadly underground

Cause we saw you
Surely not this time
Yes we saw you
You were wearing the uniforms
Yes you were wearing the uniforms
But it ain't no crime

Sometimes I go all silent
And lose all sense of time
Your hating mind eyes with thought
Where and when the sun don't s***ne
When the dogs don't bark or whine
Thats when I see you stare around

Or just lies
From those who
Talk with lead
Be good now
And don't do nothing
Cause if you do
Bang bang
Bang bang
Your dead