Monday 9 February 2015

Nervous Patterns - Du Kannst Dich Niemals Andern


  Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr, or Jay Reatard as he renamed himself, was an extremely prolific purveyor of quality music, much of it varieties of lo-fi and garage. He was first noticed at age 15 when a demo he sent to Goner Records was deemed good enough for label boss Eric Friedl to sign him up.

  Most of you are probably already familiar with most of his subsequent projects, including The Reatards, Lost Sounds, Bad Times, The Final Solutions, Angry Angles (who featured on this blog a few months back), Terror Visions and Destruction Unit. Today though I'm featuring a song he recorded as part of Nervous Patterns.

  Partnered by Memphis based Alicja Trout, who had also featured with him in Lost Sounds, they released a self titled album and a single, Beautiful Brutal, under the Nervous Patterns moniker but the song I'm posting today came out on a 2012 split which also featured a track by Trout's other band, River City Tanlines.

  A German language reworking of You Can't Change, which was the b side of Beautiful Brutal, this is Du Kannst Dich Niemals Andern.....

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