Saturday 28 February 2015

Top 5 Songs As Chosen By Johnny Eggerman (Mystery Date)

   Following on from yesterday's post featuring Mystery Date, today I'm bringing you some of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Johnny Eggerman's favourite songs. Thank you for the list Johnny, I think the best way to do this is just post what you wrote.......

"Yeah, picking your top five is seemingly impossible, to call whatever

I pick my real top five would be arbitrarily assigning values within

the canon of my beloved songs, taste is subjective but it just hurts

to leave so many out. Here are five of them that I'm gonna throw out

there and just say that they are true greats

1) Excel - "What went wrong"

This group only ever released an EP and a Single, they recorded an LP

that wasn't released at the time was bootlegged in the nineties, how

it never came out is completely beyond me (maybe because they dressed so

goofy?). Ahhh, how can I put into words how great this song is? The riff is 

aggressive and catchy, the vocals go from wry to 

impassioned and back again, the whole thing just drives hooks into

your brain. All of their stuff is great, I can say without a doubt

that these guys are one of my all time favorite bands.

see below for the studio version but click here for the band performing it on tv :

2) The Orbits -"Phenomenal World"

A bunch of Who fanatics in Milwaukee put this one together in the late

1970s, I'm a sucker for the harmonies and the huge ringing guitars.

Best lyric snippet: "Air Conditioning and Swimming Pools"

 3) The Cheese - "The Kids Don't Mind"

Don't let the terrible name and record sleeve fool you, within is

contained a fist pumping anthem of immense proportions. I dislike

most bands that make frequent reference to "the kids", it's a buzzword

much like millennial or tween except it's used to refer to the music

listening public and I find it really patronizing to be referred to as

such(you hear me Craig Finn?), however when it works it REALLY works and this

is a prime example.

 4) The Dogs - "Legendary Lovers"

A mess of seemingly conflicting factors comes together in a perfect

song. This song is in no way cheesy or overwrought yet it's

melancholy, it's melancholy yet it is still rocking, it is rocking yet

it is still cool and subdued, it's rocking yet so french in the

coolest way. Welcome it into your brain, it won't be leaving anytime


 5)  First Alert - "Shotgun Sister"
Ah, I'll bet you thought every song on here was going to be from the

seventies, not so! Seemingly from nowhere these Japanese dudes came together
sometime in the late nineties to make some of the best mod music which has ever

existed, you can hear the Times and the Jam in there but First Alert was very

much their own animal, one of my

regrets in life thus far is that I haven't spent enough time listening

to them. I'm not a number, I'm a free man!  

Can I also send a big thank you to Pinata Records' Damien Tank for making this possible. If you're looking for Mystery Date's new album you can find it here :

Today's song of the day, Excel - What Went Wrong......  

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