Saturday 14 February 2015

Suicide Squad - I Hate School

Take me away from the tables and books
Take me away from the teacher's bad looks
I wanna quit my history class
Gonna tell the teacher to shove it up her ass....

 Suicide Squad were formed in 1978 by 4 schoolmates in Wollongong, Australia, though they relocated to Sydney after struggling to find places to play. After their move they began to build a reputation as a great live band and attracted the attention of Doublethink Records who released their only single, I Hate School/New Kids Army. They then underwent a few line up changes and recorded an album called Vomit On You but this didn't get released until long after they'd split when it came out on Plastic Donut Records (in 2006). 

 Featuring Annie Barrett (vocals), Mark Easton (guitar), Con Murphy (bass) and Steve Cord (drums), this is a song that many a disaffected youth could adopt as a personal anthem, I Hate School........  

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