Sunday 22 February 2015

Aus-Rotten - The Second Rape

  The term punk is an all encompassing, catch all term for a wide range of music. Tomorrow I'll be posting a top 10 list by a band that released my favourite pop punk album of 2014 but today something very different features. Punk is often at it's best when addressing social or political issues, this is one such case (and I think the song very definitely benefits from having the lyrics added to the video).

  Aus-Rotten were an Anarcho-punk band who formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1991. Their name comes from a German term meaning to destroy, exterminate or eradicate and was used in connection with the Nazi's persecution of Jews in World War 2. Unsurprisingly they were heavily influenced by the British bands that were early genre pioneers a decade or so previously. Bands such as Crass, Subhumans, Conflict, Flux Of Pink Indians, Chumbawamba etc. Their songs, mostly written by vocalist Dave Trenga, dealt with feminist issues, homophobia, religion, animal rights, immigration and consumerism and did so in a powerful and direct way.

  Announcing themselves with the 1992 demo, We Are Denied, They Deny It, they released 3 albums before calling it a day in 2001 (The System Works For Them ('96), ...And Now Back To Our Programming ('98) and The Rotten Agenda ('01) ). Their 1994 ep, Fuck Nazi Sympathy, sold over 25,000 copies making it Havoc Records' best selling release. There was also a compilation called Not One Single Fucking Hit.

  The song I'm posting today is taken from their final album and as well as Trenga on vocals it also features ex Spitboy singer Adrienne Droogas and is a hard hitting condemnation of society and the justice system. The Second Rape.....


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