Thursday 19 February 2015

Pink Lincolns - Your Generation Sucks


"You're ripping off the 70's
Got no originality 
Your silly ass pants don't fit
Your music sounds like shit....."

  From Tampa, Florida, The Pink Lincolns formed in 1986. Between 1987-2005 they released 5 studio albums and several singles (including splits with Screeching Weasel and The Queers). Most of their best material was gathered together on the compilation album, Background Check.

  Unfortunately I never got to see them live but my friend Kenny recalls seeing them on his first day at Kent State University when they played with local band Boy In Love at The Mantis and vocalist Chris Barrows "broke every chair in the place." 

  There's several songs that I was thinking of posting but I've opted to go with one from the 1997, Bill Stevenson (The Descendents) produced album, Pure Swank. This is Your Generation Sucks...... 

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